The List: New Local Music (June 2014)

June 2014 and it’s officially the start of summer! I wanted to take a minute to make a big post featuring some brand spankin’ new music from rad local bands because that’s what we’re all about here at Calamity Jane! Simply put, here’s a list of some amazing local bands from right here in the Bay Area all the way to Colorado who recently just put out new music! The majority  of the music on this list is available for FREE download! FREE NINETY NINE!!  Take advantage of it, and find some time to give these bands a listen. Hey you never know, you may just find your new favorite band! ~Calamity Jane


Communist Kayte (San Jose, CA)

Mariner (San Jose, CA)


Safety Hazard (Concord, CA) cents!)

Second To Last (Lodi, CA)$1!)

Till I Fall (San Jose, CA)

Trailview (Martinez, CA)

Where The Sidewalk Ends (Walnut Creek, CA)

COLORADO Comeback (Mancos, CO)


Cut Your Losses (San Diego, CA)

Eye Witness (Los Angeles, CA)

Scarlett Avenue (Poway, CA)

Communist Kayte,Cut Your Losses,Bad Friend,Safety Hazard,Ally’s Anatomy,Where The Sidewalk Ends

June 20th @ 6PM



Where The Sidewalk Ends in the Calamity Jane Radio Studio Tonight!


#Music Mondays

Don’t Be The Hero & Where the Sidewalk Ends – Bay Area recently released new music! Check it out & support your local music scene!!



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