Season 2 Episode 13 Keep Your Head Up & Your Heart In The Clouds

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Calamity Jane (Season 2. Episode 13: Keep Your Head Up & Your Heart In The Clouds) by Calamity Jane on Mixcloud

If you missed the show tonight, here’s the playlist, the show will be on mix cloud tomorrow! and Please Check out my awesome sponsor ABC Music Source & Academy and all the dope local bands in the links below! 
Goodbye Earl – Me First And The Gimme Gimmes 
Cyco Vision – Suicidal Tendencies 
Five Lessons Learned – Swingin’ Utters 
Your Boyfriend Sucks – The Anchormen (
Rebel Fate – Cobra Skulls 
Serial Kisser – Timing Is Everything 
These Dead Streets – A Wilhelm Scream 
Silence (live) – Mad Caddies 
You Can Never Go Home – The Unseen 
One Way Conversation – Communist Kayte 
Racecars – Allister 
Arizona Sun – Point of View 
Nervous Breakdown – Black Flag 
Brick – Kill Lincoln 
Restart – Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! 
Blood On My Hands – The Used 
Quake – Balance and Composure 
Now’s The Time – Slick Shoes 
Even On The Worst Nights – Mixtapes 
I Hate The Mall – PCP Eagles

Season 2 Episode 10 “Merry Ol’ Band Of Orcs” Six Months Show

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Calamity Jane (Season 2. Episode 10: Merry Ol’ Band Of Orcs) 6 Months Show by Calamity Jane on Mixcloud

If you missed the show tonight as always here’s the playlist! check out the local bands! 
Let Her Go – Less Than Jake 
Swing, Swing – The All-American Rejects
Space Invaders – Addiction to Affliction 
I Am A Revenant – The Distillers 
Identity Crisis – Thrice 
Hit Or Miss – New Found Glory 
Broken Legs – Kalifornia Redemption 
U-Turneur – Point of View 
Scotty Doesn’t Know – Lustra 
Regrets and Valentines – PUSH 
My Life* -Rancid 
Separation Of Church And Skate -NoFX 
Suck so Hard – Communist Kayte 
The Rock Show – Blink-182 
Empty Space – The Story So Far 
Plebe Por Vida – La Plebe 
I Need Some Brain Damage – The Lillingtons 
Safe Reality – Adhesive 
Requiem For Dissent – Bad Religion 
Rise Above – Black Flag 
Bright Lights go down – Face to Face

Season 2 Episode 5 “Starring Perfection”

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Calamity Jane (Season 2 Episode 5: Starring Perfection) by Calamity Jane on Mixcloud

Be Awesome And Check Out The Local Bands! :3 

All Messed Up – Sum 41 
Pretty Mess – HAWKINS and SILVER 
Dividers – Lagwagon 
When I Come Around – Green Day 
On My Own – Coda 
Lights and Sounds – Yellowcard 
Windspitting Punk – Swingin’ Utters 
Overrated (Everything Is) – Less Than Jake 
If These Lips Could Talk – Till I Fall
Shut Up – Simple Plan 
The Chase – Don’t Be The Hero 
Anchor Down – Real Friends
Requiem For Dissent – Bad Religion 
Weightless – All Time Low 
LAST CALL LOVE – Hear The Sirens 
99 Red Balloons – Goldfinger 
King For A Day” ft. Kellin Quinn -Pierce the Veil 
Stockholm Syndrome – Blink-182 blink-182
The Glass – Story So Far

Season 2 Episode 4 “Americorp”

February 20, 2013

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Calamity Jane (Season 2. Episode 4: Americorp) by Calamity Jane on Mixcloud

Remember be cool and check out the local bands in the links below:
Punk Rawk Show – MxPx 
No Other Place – Authority Zero 
The Cross Roads – Otro Desperdicio -> 
Right Through – Citizen 
Seattle – Till I Fall -> 
Van Rides and High Tides – Broadway Calls 
Something More (demo) – Better Luck Next Time 
My Friends Over You – New Found Glory 
Nothing To Prove – H20 
Without You – CODA -> 
Everything I Never Want To Be – Real Friends 
Pennywise – Pennywise 
Carousel – Blink-182 
Same Mistakes – Communist Kayte -> 
California Sun – Rancid 
This Is the End (For You My Friend) – Anti-Flag 
The Oceanwalker – Stickup Kid ->
Breaking Bones In ABC Order – Drop Out Year 
Mutt – Blink-182 
All Signs Point To Lauderdale – A Day To Remember

Season 2 Episode 3: “Love Stinks (Anti)- Valentine’s Day Special” February 2013

Recap: Love Stinks Anti- Valentine’s Day Show!

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Calamity Jane (Season 2. Episode 3: Love Stinks (Anti) Valentine's Day) by Calamity Jane on Mixcloud


Take Cover – Acceptance
Go To Hell (Piano Version) – Go Radio
Ruby Soho – Rancid
Hump De Bump – Red Hot Chili Peppers
Wrecking Hotel Rooms – MXPX
A Part of Me (Ft. Laura Whiteside) – Neck Deep
Half Past Forever – Better Luck Next Time
Build Me Up Buttercup – The Frantic
Old Friend – Rancid
Breaking Apart Her Heart – Good Charlotte
Secret Valentine – We The Kings
Girls & Boys – Good Charlotte
There Is – Boxcar Racer
When Your Heart Stops Beating – +44
Addicted – Simple Plan
Love Me Dead – Ludo
GGF- Rancid
Depression – Black Flag
Scotty Doesn’t Know -Lustra
Livin La Vida Loca – Toy Dolls

Season 2 Episode 2 Bigger & Better ;)

Tonight’s Show was awesome! Highlights of my day all because of you guys! 
1. I got someone actively listening to the show while in the shower!
2. Got someone dancing in their apartment!
3. Lots of Song Requests and messages in the Chatroom & Facebook
and Lastly #4 I just couldn’t shake you all off the station even 30 minutes after the show is over. I played Devo. Still didn’t work. 
Love it! Thank you for listening! Check out the LOCAL BANDS in the links BELOW! 

Listen Here: 

Calamity Jane (Season 2. Episode 2: Bigger and Better 😉 ) by Calamity Jane on Mixcloud

The Stories Are True (Featuring Tim Armstrong) – Time Again & Tim Armstrong 
Born To Lose – The Bouncing Souls
Bombs Away – Coda ->
Let It Happen – MxPx 
Slow Children at Play Actually Mixed – Crossout -> 
Are You Gonna Be My Girl? -Jet 
The Weather Outside is Weather – Stickup Kid -> 
Cliff diving – Plus 44 
If These Lips Could Talk – Till I Fall ->
Ides – Forever Came Calling 
I’m Telling Tim – NoFX 
Fat Lip – Sum 41 
Cadillac One – GBH 
Hey Suburbia – Screeching Weasel 
Last Call Love – Hear The Sirens -> 
We Will Fall Together – Streetlight Manifesto 
The Pretender – Foo Fighters 
Keep It Together – Real Friends 
Long Lost Friends – Transit
Detriot – Rancid
The Pretender – Foo Fighters
Seattle – Till I Fall 
Red Fir Ct. – Vision Theory ->
Human Pinata – Voodoo Glow Skulls
The Difference – UP&GO ->