Episode 14: Local Bands Everything Week Show

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Calamity Jane Season 3. Episode 14: LOCAL BANDS EVERYTHING WEEK by Calamity Jane on Mixcloud

The bay area is full of amazing and talented bands everywhere! Go to shows and support these bands who give it their all on the daily to bring you great music!
Stoneheart – Trailview
Summertime Lovin – Brussel Sprouts
If These Lips Could Talk – Till I Fall
Blaze – Second To Last
Beverly Drive – Safety Hazard
Almond Rocha – Our Vinyl Vows
As Cool As An Attempted Suicide – leer
A Snake…But With Arms! – KiLL THE BATS
Destroying Suburbia – PUSH
A Little Bit Slower – Hit Reset
D.O.A. – Hear The Sirens
Fun or Something – Reishi
Disappear – A Hero To Fall
Rally Up – Global Affront
DBTH Anthem – Don’t Be The Hero
The Book We Didnt’t Write – Better Promises
True Blue – @Dead Set
One Way Conversation – Communist Kayte
Down But Not Out – Born To Be Rad
O.S.D [All That I Say Is True] – The Truth Is.
I Got Friends (Les Deux) – 5606

Season 2 Episode 20: Dazed and Confused. We Made It Through.

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Calamity Jane (Season 2. Episode 20: Dazed and Confused. We Made It Through) by Calamity Jane on Mixcloud

Space Invaders – Addiction to Affliction
Summer and Winter – Till I Fall
Luke’s Mom – The Anchormen
E-4 – Safety Hazard
Welcome to Bloomfield – Green State
Raise the Flag – Global Affront
Without You – Coda
Nightwing – Vision Theory
DBTH Anthem – Don’t Be The Hero
Regrets and Valentines – PUSH
The F.D.A. Steals Your Personality -Point of view ->https://www.facebook.com/pointofviewsanjose
Your Luxury (Single) – Crossout -> https://www.facebook.com/CrossoutMusic
Poway, CA – Communist Kayte -> https://www.facebook.com/CommunistKayte
Loose Ends – Trailview -> https://www.facebook.com/trailviewband
Finally Alive – Saving Cadence -> https://www.facebook.com/SavingCadence
If “X” marks the spot, then “Y” are you here? – Up&Go ->https://www.facebook.com/upandgomusic
Shut Your Mouth – 9:00 News -> https://www.facebook.com/900news
A Little Bit Slower – Hit Reset -> https://www.facebook.com/hitreset
Reason To Run – HEAR THE SIRENS ->https://www.facebook.com/hearthesirens
Infirmities Anthem – Infirmities -> https://www.facebook.com/WeAreINFIRMITIES
Supernova – ELLEGARDEN

Recap: Punk Rock In A Parking Lot II

Communist Kayte‘s CD Release Show for “Seriously Wonkers” on May 4th 2013 at the shop. This video mashup features Kick-Ass locals bands! Check them out! Point of View talks about their upcoming tour w/ Communist Katye &their show on May 6th. Tony & Curtis from Stickup Kid give us the back story to their latest single “The Depths of me” Mike from Hella Mad Records tells how Hella Mad started and what’s currently going on with the label. You will be bummed you missed this! Drop Dead SixtyCrossout Strain Zero Hit Reset Green State Brussel Sprouts