The List: New Local Music (June 2014)

June 2014 and it’s officially the start of summer! I wanted to take a minute to make a big post featuring some brand spankin’ new music from rad local bands because that’s what we’re all about here at Calamity Jane! Simply put, here’s a list of some amazing local bands from right here in the Bay Area all the way to Colorado who recently just put out new music! The majority  of the music on this list is available for FREE download! FREE NINETY NINE!!  Take advantage of it, and find some time to give these bands a listen. Hey you never know, you may just find your new favorite band! ~Calamity Jane


Communist Kayte (San Jose, CA)

Mariner (San Jose, CA)


Safety Hazard (Concord, CA) cents!)

Second To Last (Lodi, CA)$1!)

Till I Fall (San Jose, CA)

Trailview (Martinez, CA)

Where The Sidewalk Ends (Walnut Creek, CA)

COLORADO Comeback (Mancos, CO)


Cut Your Losses (San Diego, CA)

Eye Witness (Los Angeles, CA)

Scarlett Avenue (Poway, CA)

Communist Kayte,Cut Your Losses,Bad Friend,Safety Hazard,Ally’s Anatomy,Where The Sidewalk Ends

June 20th @ 6PM



Episode 3: It’s Only You Featuring Chris from Crossout

Chris from Crossout stopped by the studio last night to hang out and talk about their upcoming shows, release Crossout’s new song called Sucker & talk about how you know when you’re in a band. Listen to the show right here ->

Calamity Jane Season 4. Episode 3: It’s Only You Featuring Chris From Crossout by Calamity Jane on Mixcloud

Calamity Jane is Back for Season 4! Episode 1: Withdrawal

Listen Here ->

Calamity Jane Season 4. Episode 1: Withdrawal by Calamity Jane on Mixcloud

Episode 14: Local Bands Everything Week Show

hiListen Here ->

Calamity Jane Season 3. Episode 14: LOCAL BANDS EVERYTHING WEEK by Calamity Jane on Mixcloud

The bay area is full of amazing and talented bands everywhere! Go to shows and support these bands who give it their all on the daily to bring you great music!
Stoneheart – Trailview
Summertime Lovin – Brussel Sprouts
If These Lips Could Talk – Till I Fall
Blaze – Second To Last
Beverly Drive – Safety Hazard
Almond Rocha – Our Vinyl Vows
As Cool As An Attempted Suicide – leer
A Snake…But With Arms! – KiLL THE BATS
Destroying Suburbia – PUSH
A Little Bit Slower – Hit Reset
D.O.A. – Hear The Sirens
Fun or Something – Reishi
Disappear – A Hero To Fall
Rally Up – Global Affront
DBTH Anthem – Don’t Be The Hero
The Book We Didnt’t Write – Better Promises
True Blue – @Dead Set
One Way Conversation – Communist Kayte
Down But Not Out – Born To Be Rad
O.S.D [All That I Say Is True] – The Truth Is.
I Got Friends (Les Deux) – 5606

Hella Mad Records KEEP THEM GAGGING Compilation!

Its official,
Hella Mad Records will be releasing our 2nd compilation “Keep Them Gagging” on January 5th, featuring bands such as The DwarvesPoint of ViewHit Resetthe MOANSMad JudyThe Unfortunate Bastard, Cell Block 5, Communist Kayte, Just Friends, and many many more!!!!

Local Band Everything Week: MONDAY

Let’s start this week off right with buddies in Communist Kaytefrom San Jose!They’re hilarious, talented, and their music will rock your shirt..I mean socks off. Talk about dope! Check out their profile and see for yourself right here!

communist kayte collage

Season 3. Episode 12: Invisible To The Eye

Listen Here ->

Calamity Jane Season 3. Episode 12: Invisible To The Eye by Calamity Jane on Mixcloud



Awkward Phase – Trash the Dress
We’ve Got A Big Mess On Our Hands – The Academy Is…
As Cool As An Attempted Suicide – leer
Ghosts Of Memory – Tiger Army
Beverly Drive – Safety Hazard
Identity Crisis – Thrice
Walkin’ Frustration – Voodoo Glow Skulls
Velvet Alley – Strung Out
Radiation – Second To Last
Runaway – Pulley
Pretty Mess – HAWKINS and SILVER
Superman – Goldfinger
Undertow – Dead To Me
Racecars – Allister
One Way Conversation – Communist Kayte
Charles Atlas – A.F.I.
In Case You Haven’t Noticed – Heart to Heart
Maria- Green Day

Calamity Jane’s ONE YEAR SUPER SHOW Feat. Addiction to Affliction, Coda & Don’t Be The Hero

Listen Here ->

Calamity Jane (Season 2. Episode 7: ONE YEAR SUPER SHOW FEAT. ATA, CODA & DBTH) by Calamity Jane on Mixcloud

Best Show EVER. Seriously!!!Shout out to my buddies in Coda, Addiction to Affliction and DBTH for chilling in the studio with me tonight! LOCAL MUSIC FOREVER! 

Nightwing – Vision Theory
Bombs Away – Coda
Space Invaders – Addiction to Affliction
The Chase – Don’t Be The Hero
Freaks In Uniform – HorrorPops
Down But Not Out – Born To Be Rad
Keeping Up- Communist Kayte
Seattle – Till I Fall
Happy Holidays, You Bastard – Blink 182
Pretty Mess – HAWKINS and SILVER
Your Luxury – Crossout
O.S.D [All That I Say Is True] – The Truth Is.
Mission – The Phenomenauts
Basket Case – Green Day
Dirty Filthy Mugs Are We – Dirty Filthy Mugs
(No More) Paddy’s Lament – Flogging Molly
Beauty Fool – Better Luck Next Time
The On Going Two Faced Dilemma – Point of View
This Is Over – Stickup Kid
Destroying Suburbia – Push
Rally Up – Global Affront
The Poisoning – The Nerve Agents
Beverly Drive – Safety Hazard
Freight Train Blues – Second To Last
Luke’s Mom – The Anchormen
Stoneheart – Trailview

Sunday Night! (9/8/13) The Unforgettable Show. BE THERE! (A.K.A. Chaz’s 21st Birthday.)


Season 3: Episode 2. “If Not For You, I’ll Do It For Me”

Listen Here->

Calamity Jane (Season 3: Episode 2. If Not For You, I’ll Do It For Me..) by Calamity Jane on Mixcloud



All Fall Down – Against All Authority
Safe Reality – Adhesive
I’m A Human – Flashlight Brown
One Way Conversation – Communist Kayte
Suburban Home – Descendents
Nervous Breakdown – Black Flag
Wish Pig – Less Than Jake
Break The Glass – Suicide Machines
Seattle – Till I Fall
Late Nights In My Car – Real Friends
Destroying Suburbia – PUSH
I Tore You Apart In My Head – Balance And Composure
Pretty Mess – HAWKINS and SILVER
Marionette – Sarchasm
Sleepless Nights – Turnover
Cat Like Thief – Boxcar Racer
Growing Up (It Can’t Get Much Worse) – Vision Theory
Giggernuts – Giggernuts
What’s Missing – Stickup Kid

Season 2 Episode 20: Dazed and Confused. We Made It Through.

Listen Here->

Calamity Jane (Season 2. Episode 20: Dazed and Confused. We Made It Through) by Calamity Jane on Mixcloud

Space Invaders – Addiction to Affliction
Summer and Winter – Till I Fall
Luke’s Mom – The Anchormen
E-4 – Safety Hazard
Welcome to Bloomfield – Green State
Raise the Flag – Global Affront
Without You – Coda
Nightwing – Vision Theory
DBTH Anthem – Don’t Be The Hero
Regrets and Valentines – PUSH
The F.D.A. Steals Your Personality -Point of view ->
Your Luxury (Single) – Crossout ->
Poway, CA – Communist Kayte ->
Loose Ends – Trailview ->
Finally Alive – Saving Cadence ->
If “X” marks the spot, then “Y” are you here? – Up&Go ->
Shut Your Mouth – 9:00 News ->
A Little Bit Slower – Hit Reset ->
Reason To Run – HEAR THE SIRENS ->
Infirmities Anthem – Infirmities ->
Supernova – ELLEGARDEN

Communist Kayte’s on TOUR!

Have a great time on tour Communist Kayte! See you guys when you get back!
If you live in any of these places, make sure to go check them out!
7/18 (Lancaster, CA ) The Britisher
7/19 (Spring Valley, CA) 8726 Bigford St
7/20 (Flagstaff, AZ) The Hive
7/21 (Tucson, AZ) TMLS
7/22 (Phoenix, AZ) 3901 W. Palmaire Dr
7/23 (El Paso, TX)Alumni Lounge
7/24 (Austin, TX) Red Eyed Fly
7/25 (Austin, TX) The Annex
7/27 (Fort Worth, TX) 1919 Hemphil
7/29 (Denver, CO) 7th Circle
7/31 (Salt Late City, UT) Shred Shed
8/1 (Elko, NV) Silver Dollar
8/2 (Pocatello, ID) CoHo
8/3 (Caldwell, ID) Bird Stop Coffee
8/4 (Portland, OR) Slabtown
8/6 (Seattle, WA) The Josephine
8/8 (Portland, OR) Tonic Lounge
8/9 (Reno, NV) The Hideout
8/10 (Sacramento, CA) The Colony



Season 2 Episode 18: ‘MURICA

Listen Here->

Calamity Jane (Season 2. Episode 18: ‘MURICA) by Calamity Jane on Mixcloud

If you missed the show tonight, that’s a bummer! Here’s the playlist. Do yourself a favor and check out all the local bands and check out what you missed!
Above Me – Rufio
Radio – Potshot
Arizona Sun – Point of View
Low Life – SecondShot
Break The Glass – Suicide Machines
Goodbye Earl – Me First And The Gimme Gimmes
Empty Space – The Story So Far
Life Passes – IMPLANTS
D.O.A.- Hear The Sirens
Something Better – Mixtapes
Keasbey Nights – Catch 22
Loose Ends – Trailview
Somewhere On Fullerton – Allister
One Way Conversation – Communist Kayte
Warning – Green Day
Earl Grey – HAWKINS and SILVER
Voices – Not Available
Dumpweed – Blink-182
America Fuck Yeah – Team America
Infirmities Anthem – INFIRMITIES
Do The Panic – Phantom Planet
Say Goodnight – Voodoo Glow Skulls

Calamity Jane’s Warped Tour Recap

The Vans Warped Tour has always been the highlight of my summer since I first started going back in ’07. What gets me every year is the powerful way it brings people together. Different kinds of people near and far with different struggles all brought together by one thing: Music. The whole day is filled with excitement as people all rush to the stages to see their favorite bands play.  Even if they know no one around them, the second the song starts everyone sings and moves together as one with the band. I can only imagine how wonderful it must feel for the bands that play but from my own experience it’s  pretty wonderful for the crowd too.

Warped Tour allows this unique experience that lets you get in an up close and personal situation with many very popular bands. Heck, I went to The Story So Far tent after buying a tank top and just walked right up and chatted with Parker Cannon as he signed my shirt. With big arena shows, that isn’t possible. There’s an invisible barrier between the fans and the artist but with warped tour I  feel like that barrier doesn’t exist. They can see us and hear us just like we can do the same with them. We are all brought together by our love of music.

I’ve been as a pre-teen, teenager and a “young adult”,  i’ve even gotten backstage before but this year I was vendor. I worked  in a booth with my good friends from Communist Kayte, Point of View and Hella Mad Records promoting the bay area music scene!  I can’t even begin to tell you all the reasons why this was the best year ever.  Getting the chance to sharing this amazing experience with good friends and promoting what we love to do meant the world to me. Thank You!  Here’s some pictures from yesterday. Congrats to Communist Kayte for playing Warped Tour. You guys rocked! ~Calamity Jane

Communist Kayte @ the Kevin Says Stage
Don’t Be The Hero waiting for Communist Kayte’s Set!
The Calamity Jane Prize Wheel. Spreading the word about Bay Area Music!
Calamity Jane and the boys of  Coda chilling behind the booth

Mid-day crowd in front of the booth!

Calamity Jane is back this Wednesday June 19th at 7PM! Tune in on & get PUMPED UP for WARPED TOUR on June 22nd!


House-U-Mentary. Episode 1: Chaz’s House

June 7, 2013
Chaz’s House – Oakland, CA

After an hours notice of cancellation of the show
at Love At First Slice because of the dreaded double booking incident, Chaz from (Don’t Be The Hero) ironically steps up and saves the day. This video contains a mash-up of that night followed by a tour follow up (“recrap”) of Communist Kayte’s Tour
with Don’t Be The Hero about their crazy lives.
Check out and support all of the local bands below!


The Truth

Safety Hazard-

Communist Kayte-

Don’t Be The Hero-
This mashup is brought to you by Calamity Jane!

Season 2 Episode 14: What IS Life?

Listen Here:

Calamity Jane (Season 2. Episode 14: What IS Life?) by Calamity Jane on Mixcloud

In case you missed the show, here’s the playlist!
Overrated – Allister
Brick – Kill Lincoln
Beverly Drive – Safety Hazard
Wasting Time (Eternal Summer) – Four Year Strong
The Depths of Me – Stickup Kid
I Want To Conquer The World – Bad Religion
Maybe Memories – The Used
Here’s To The Year – Coda
Above Me – Rufio
Captain Blood – Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!
Charles Atlas – A.F.I.
Zombies Ate Her Brain – The Creepshow
The Poisoning – The Nerve Agents
Raise the Flag- Global Affront
Indrid Cold – On My Honor
In Case You Haven’t Noticed – Heart to Heart
Regrets and Valentines – PUSH
Threesome – Fenix TX
My Own Enemy – The Briggs
One Way Conversation – Communist Kayte
Bad Religion Interview – Calamity Jane(Feat.Jay Bentley)

Season 2 Episode 13 Keep Your Head Up & Your Heart In The Clouds

Listen Here: 

Calamity Jane (Season 2. Episode 13: Keep Your Head Up & Your Heart In The Clouds) by Calamity Jane on Mixcloud

If you missed the show tonight, here’s the playlist, the show will be on mix cloud tomorrow! and Please Check out my awesome sponsor ABC Music Source & Academy and all the dope local bands in the links below! 
Goodbye Earl – Me First And The Gimme Gimmes 
Cyco Vision – Suicidal Tendencies 
Five Lessons Learned – Swingin’ Utters 
Your Boyfriend Sucks – The Anchormen (
Rebel Fate – Cobra Skulls 
Serial Kisser – Timing Is Everything 
These Dead Streets – A Wilhelm Scream 
Silence (live) – Mad Caddies 
You Can Never Go Home – The Unseen 
One Way Conversation – Communist Kayte 
Racecars – Allister 
Arizona Sun – Point of View 
Nervous Breakdown – Black Flag 
Brick – Kill Lincoln 
Restart – Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! 
Blood On My Hands – The Used 
Quake – Balance and Composure 
Now’s The Time – Slick Shoes 
Even On The Worst Nights – Mixtapes 
I Hate The Mall – PCP Eagles

Recap: Punk Rock In A Parking Lot II

Communist Kayte‘s CD Release Show for “Seriously Wonkers” on May 4th 2013 at the shop. This video mashup features Kick-Ass locals bands! Check them out! Point of View talks about their upcoming tour w/ Communist Katye &their show on May 6th. Tony & Curtis from Stickup Kid give us the back story to their latest single “The Depths of me” Mike from Hella Mad Records tells how Hella Mad started and what’s currently going on with the label. You will be bummed you missed this! Drop Dead SixtyCrossout Strain Zero Hit Reset Green State Brussel Sprouts