Calamity Jane Season 3. Episode 8: Addiction To Affliction TAKE OVER

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Calamity Jane (Season 3. Episode 8: ATA TAKEOVER) by Calamity Jane on Mixcloud

Local Man Ruins Everything – The Wonder Years

Over and Over – Neck Deep

Tonight I’m Burning – Bombshell Rocks

This Is How – Firestarter

Taken Over – Better Luck Next Time

Patience (Acoustic) – Addiction To Affliction

Space Invaders (Acoustic) – Addiction To Affliction

Burnout – Green Day

Down – Assuming We Survive

Distance – Rookie Card

Swing, Swing – The All-American Rejects

Father Of Mine – Everclear

The Answer Is Still No – No Use For A Name

1985- Bowling For Soup (Acoustic Cover)

Calamity Jane’s ONE YEAR SUPER SHOW Feat. Addiction to Affliction, Coda & Don’t Be The Hero

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Calamity Jane (Season 2. Episode 7: ONE YEAR SUPER SHOW FEAT. ATA, CODA & DBTH) by Calamity Jane on Mixcloud

Best Show EVER. Seriously!!!Shout out to my buddies in Coda, Addiction to Affliction and DBTH for chilling in the studio with me tonight! LOCAL MUSIC FOREVER! 

Nightwing – Vision Theory
Bombs Away – Coda
Space Invaders – Addiction to Affliction
The Chase – Don’t Be The Hero
Freaks In Uniform – HorrorPops
Down But Not Out – Born To Be Rad
Keeping Up- Communist Kayte
Seattle – Till I Fall
Happy Holidays, You Bastard – Blink 182
Pretty Mess – HAWKINS and SILVER
Your Luxury – Crossout
O.S.D [All That I Say Is True] – The Truth Is.
Mission – The Phenomenauts
Basket Case – Green Day
Dirty Filthy Mugs Are We – Dirty Filthy Mugs
(No More) Paddy’s Lament – Flogging Molly
Beauty Fool – Better Luck Next Time
The On Going Two Faced Dilemma – Point of View
This Is Over – Stickup Kid
Destroying Suburbia – Push
Rally Up – Global Affront
The Poisoning – The Nerve Agents
Beverly Drive – Safety Hazard
Freight Train Blues – Second To Last
Luke’s Mom – The Anchormen
Stoneheart – Trailview

Better Luck Next Time New Album: We’ll Take It From Here

My Buddies in Better Luck Next Time are FINALLY releasing their new album in the US & Japan on October 16th! Get Ready!!! Click the link to see the album artwork & track listing!


Season 2. Episode 21: Get Me In The Pit Already

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Calamity Jane(Season 2. Episode 21: Get Me In The Pit Already!) by Calamity Jane on Mixcloud

 Did you miss the show tonight? C’mon dude. Here’s the playlist. Recording will be up soon on
Here We Go – The Bouncing Souls
The Cross Roads- Otro Desperdicio
Life Passes – IMPLANTS
Sleep It Off – Blood and Water
Beauty Fool – Better Luck Next Time
Soulmate – No Use for a Name
Looking Back – Built By Stereo
Radiation – Second To Last
Shining On – Big D And The Kids Table
Hey Suburbia – Screeching Weasel
Islands – The Suicide Machines
To The World – Strike Anywhere
Fuck Authority – Pennywise
Sabotage – Beastie Boys
IV – My Place or Yours?
I Want To Conquer The World – Bad Religion
Roots Radicals – Rancid
Afterworld – Tiger Army
Bro Hymn- Pennywise

Season 2. Episode 17 Red Lights & BLNT

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Calamity Jane (Season 2:Episode 17. Red Lights & BLNT) by Calamity Jane on Mixcloud

Did you miss the show? Life’s bad for you isn’t it? Here’s the playlist from tonight! Check out the local bands and Better Luck Next Time if you haven’t heard of them. They are da bomb!
November 5th- Vision Theory
Shining On – Big D And The Kids Table
Aliens Exist – Blink-182
This Is Over – Stickup Kid
Stray Heart – Green Day
Life Passes – Implants
Beauty Fool- Better Luck Next Time
Mt. Diablo – The Story So Far
Finally Alive – Saving Cadence
5-9 1:08 Fidlar
The Vans Song – Suicide Machines
Awkward Phase – Trash the Dress
Family Tradition – Senses Fail
Luke’s Mom – The Anchormen
Someone – Suicide Machines
An Elegy For Baby Blue – The Wonder Years
2am – Mat Kerekes
Regrets and Valentines – PUSH
Mission Accomplished – Running Like Lions
Cerveza – Ballyhoo

Season 2 Episode 9 “DOPE”

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Calamity Jane (Season 2. Episode 9: DOPE) by Calamity Jane on Mixcloud

Check out the local bands in the links below!

Zombies Ate Her Brain – The Creepshow
Heartbeats – Till I Fall
The Oceanwalker – Stickup Kid
Charades – Better Luck Next Time
Little League – Till I Fall
True Believers -The Bouncing Souls
Wasting Time (Eternal Summer) – Four Year Strong
May 16 -Lagwagon
Somewhere On Fullerton – Allister
Mt. Diablo – The Story So Far
D.O.A. – Hear The Sirens
Rise Above – Black Flag
Shut Your Mouth – 9:00 News
Cold Concrete – Time Again
The On Going Two Faced Dilemma – Point of View
Passing Through A Screen Door – The Wonder Years
Red Hot Moon – Rancid
Brass Monkey – The Beastie Boys
The KKK took my baby away – The Ramones
Hey Driver – Lucky Boys Confusion
Fuck The World – The Queers
Fall Back Down- Rancid

Pop Punk World Domination Red House 3.22.2013 Rock-U-Mentary & Pictures

Video mash-up of March 22nd at Red House Studios in Walnut Creek, CA featuring your mom’s favorite local bands. CODA, DONT BE THE HERO, COMMUNIST KAYTE, CRASH NOW and BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME (FROM L.A) Check out each of these bands on Facebook. DO IT! you won’t be disappointed! 

Don’t Be The Hero –
Communist Kayte –
Crash Now –
Better Luck Next Time-



Season 2. Episode 8 “Alex Works At BJ’s”

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Calamity Jane (Season 2. Episode 8: Alex Works At BJ’S) by Calamity Jane on Mixcloud

 Check out the bands in the links below! 
Heard That Sound – MxPx 
Superman – Goldfinger 
White Lies – Man Overboard 
My Life Story – MxPx 
Pretty Mess – HAWKINS and SILVER 
Indrid Cold – On My Honor 
It’s Quite Alright – Rancid 
Sound System – Operation Ivy 
Basket Case – Green Day 
Something More (demo) – Better Luck Next Time 
Make You Mine – My Sweet Fall 
Dumpweed -Blink-182 
Little League – Till I Fall 
Weightless – All Time Low 
See? Even Billy Idol Gets It! – Stickup Kid 
The Kids Aren’t Alright – The Offspring 
Worlds Away – NameSake 
The Downfall of Us All – A Day to Remember 
MakeDamnSure – Taking Back Sunday 
Keep It Together – Real Friends