PSA: Support Local Music

Aren’t you tired of the same 5 songs on the radio? Can you feel the lack of joy and happiness that has been sucked out of your life. Make the change. Support Local Artists. It will make your life better!!
Snag your copy of Till I Fall’s New EP “11 Years” Today for only $5 dollars (seriously that’s so cheap) so you can buy maybe 4 low quality tacos at taco bell or buy an amazing ep for 5 dollars that will last forever. the choice is yours.

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Till I Fall’s New EP “11 Years”

Till I Fall just released their newest EP 11 years! Stream it now on Soundcloud and Buy it on Itunes!! Do your part to Support Local Bay Area Artists! And while you’re at it, check out  At The End Of Radio‘s Review:  Till I Fall 11 Years EP Review

“11 Years” Till I Fall Promo Video

Till I Fall‘s Promo Video for their upcoming EP “11 Years” is out! Check it out and get their EP on March 16th! GET PUMPED!