Calamity Jane Overnight 12/29 2AM to 6 AM PLAYLIST

Check out all the local bands in the links below

Calamity Jane Overnight Playlist Dec 29th: Hour 1 

02:00AM Pennywise “Violence Never Ending” from Violence Never Ending (Single)

02:01AM Lagwagon “The Cog In The Machine” from The Cog In The Machine (Single)

02:07AM Vision Theory “November 5th (Acoustic)” from November 5th (Acoustic) (Single)

02:10AM Giant Squid “Phaistos Disc” from Phaistos Disc (Single)

02:13AM Coda “Move On” from Move On (Single)

02:17AM Bouncing Souls “Kate Is Great” from Kate Is Great (Single)

02:20AM Till I Fall “Great Expectations Part II” from Great Expectations Part II (Single)

02:25AM The New Varsity “When It’s Over” from When It’s Over (Single)

02:29AM Trailview“Stone Heart” from Stone Heart (Single)

02:32AM Brand New “Jesus Christ” from Jesus Christ (Single)

02:37AM Less Than Jake “Johnny Quest Things We’re Sellouts” from Johnny Quest Things We’re Sellouts (Single)

02:40AM Happy Diving “Weird Dream” from Weird Dream (Single)

02:41AM Tess Dunn “Daydreamers” from Daydreamers (Single)

02:46AM Bad Religion “Requiem For Dissent” from Requiem For Dissent (Single)

02:49AM Neverlyn “Stanley Boulevard” from Stanley Boulevard (Single)

02:51AM Rancid “Evil’s My Friend” from Evil’s My Friend (Single)

02:55AM Kalifornia Redemption “Untitled 1” from Untitled 1 (Single)

02:57AM Jack’s Indigo “Surf’s Ghost” from Surf’s Ghost (Single)

Calamity Jane Overnight Playlist Dec 29th Hour 2: 
Check out all the local bands! #supportlocalmusic
03:03AM Reel Big Fish “Somebody Hates Me” from Somebody Hates Me (Single)

03:06AM Zulu Wave “Fast Beats” from Fast Beats (Single)

03:09AM Tesla Rossa “Kaleidoscopic Soul” from Kaleidoscopic Soul (Single)

03:13AM Communist Kayte “Poway, CA” from Poway, CA (Single)

03:15AM Scarlett Avenue “Knots” from Knots (Single)

03:18AM Stickup Kid“Good People In A Place I Hate” from Good People In A Place I Hate (Single)

03:24AM From Indian Lakes “Breathe, Desperately” from Breathe, Desperately (Single)

03:26AM AFI “Charles Atlas” from Charles Atlas (Single)

03:29AM Second To Last “Your Couch” from Your Couch (Single)

03:32AM The Weakerthans “Aside (Live)” from Aside (Live) (Single)

03:35AM The Jazz June “With Honors” from With Honors (Single)

03:41AM The Swingin’ Utters “Tell Them Told You So” from Tell Them Told You So (Single)

03:43AM MarinerVenom Spit” from Venom Spit (Single) Local

03:46AM Screeching Weasel “Cool Kids” from Cool Kids (Single)

03:47AM A Place Called Home “Has A Drinking Problem” from Has A Drinking Problem (Single) Local

03:49AM The Pink Spiders “Modern Swinger” from Modern Swinger (Single)

03:53AM The Bots “Alanna” from Alanna (Single)

03:55AM Flogging Molly “Devil’s Dance Floor (Live From The Greek, Los Angeles/2009)” from Devil’s Dance Floor (Live From The Greek, Los Angeles/2009) (Single)

Calamity Jane Overnight Playlist Dec 29th Hour 3:
Check out all the local bands! #supportlocalmusic04:00AM Goldfinger “Superman” from SUPERMAN (Single, 2010) on Moviesic

04:02AM Reishi “Arcana” from Arcana (Single) Local

04:06AM Pennywise “Fight Till You Die” from Fight Till You Die (Single)

04:10AM The Adicts “Angel” from Angel (Single)

04:13AM Here’s To The Year “Pristine” from Pristine (Single) Local

04:15AM Every Time I Die “Pelican Of The Desert” from Pelican of the Desert (Single)

04:16AM Useless ID “It’s Alright” from It (Single)

04:22AM Bread Club “Astraphobia” from Astraphobia (Single) Local

04:25AM The Suicide Machines “Red Flag” from Red Flag (Single)

04:27AM  Trailview “Loose Ends” from Loose Ends (Single) Local

04:29AM Rancid “Roots Radicals” from Roots Radicals (Single)

04:32AM Where the Sidewalk Ends – Bay Area “Out Of Sight” from Out Of Sight (Single) Local

04:37AM Slim Twig “All This Wanting” from All This Wanting (Single)

04:41AM CJ Ramone “One More Chance” from One More Chance (Single)

04:44AM Safety Hazard “Broken Streets” from Broken Streets (Single) Local

04:47AM Anti Flag “This Is The End (My Friend)” from This Is The End (My Friend) (Single)

04:49AM Misfits “Die Die My Darling” from Die Die My Darling (Single)

04:54AM Rancid “Honor Is All We Know” from …Honor Is All We Know (2014) on Sony Music Labels Inc.

04:56AM Pennywise “Am Oi!” from YESTERDAYS (2014) on Sony Music Labels Inc.

04:58AM The Menzingers “The Talk” from Rented World (CD, Album, Sub Rock, 2014, added 05/23/2014) on Epitaph

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05:01AM Cobra Skulls “DRoNeS” from Agitations (2011) on Fat Wreck Chords

05:04AM Happy Diving“EXPLORER” from Big World (2014, added 12/19/2014) on Father/Daughter Records Local

05:06AM Billy Talent “Crooked Minds” from Dead Silence (2012) on Last Gang Records

05:11AM Tesla Rossa “Movie House” from Tesla Rossa (2014, added 12/19/2014) on Silver Point Records

05:15AM Scarlett Avenue Repetition” from On the Mend (2014) on Scarlett Avenue Local

05:21AM Till I Fall MEMORIES” from Lessons (2014, added 11/21/2014) on Till i Fall Local

05:24AM Face to Face “DISCONNECTED” from Big Choice (1995) on A&M Records

05:25AM  Coda Here’s To The Year” from Here’s To The Year EP (2013) Local

05:29AM Bayside “Already Gone” from Killing Time (2011) on Wind-Up

05:32AM The Jazz June “Stuck On Repeat” from After the Earthquake (2014, added 12/05/2014) on Topshelf Records

05:36AM Stellar Corpses “Dead Stars Drive-In” from Dead Stars Drive-In (2012) on Santa Carla Records Local

05:39AM Street Dogs “Tobe’s Got A Drinking Problem” from Fading American Dream

05:41AM The Swingin’ Utters “Alice” from Fistful Of Hollow Local

05:45AM Kalifornia Redemption “(Untitled 1)” from The Caustic EP Local

05:48AM Stickup Kid“What’s Missing” from Future Fire (2013) on Adeline Records Local

05:54AM CJ Ramone “Carry Me Away” from Last Chance To Dance (Single, 2014, added 12/05/2014) on Fat Wreck Chords

05:57AM Flogging Molly “Requiem For a Dying Song (Live From The Greek, Los Angeles/2009)” from Live At The Greek Theatre (2010) on SideOneDummy Records

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