Rock And Roll Ritual



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May 29th 2013

What is music? Well generally that’s kind of a silly but compelling question. Silly in the sense of, music being so common people don’t think it necessary to give a definition for it. But compelling in the sense if how one answers it. I know I know this isn’t school, this the calamity jane website, a get away from Education. I mean c’mon, summers almost here and you just can’t wait to escape to local shows, big concerts, or even better warped tour. But hear me out on this.

For me “education” only interests me if I’m being taught what I’m interested in. So since I’m not your teacher (nor do I really want to be) just call me a friend who gives you tips and things to look out for in a common love for music. through experiences I’ve had so far in past and recent events in the music biz, This blog is for all musicians and music lovers a like.

My name is Cupid, and this is my Rock and Roll Ritual