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Calamity Jane Overnight 12/29 2AM to 6 AM PLAYLIST

Check out all the local bands in the links below

Calamity Jane Overnight Playlist Dec 29th: Hour 1 

02:00AM Pennywise “Violence Never Ending” from Violence Never Ending (Single)

02:01AM Lagwagon “The Cog In The Machine” from The Cog In The Machine (Single)

02:07AM Vision Theory “November 5th (Acoustic)” from November 5th (Acoustic) (Single)

02:10AM Giant Squid “Phaistos Disc” from Phaistos Disc (Single)

02:13AM Coda “Move On” from Move On (Single)

02:17AM Bouncing Souls “Kate Is Great” from Kate Is Great (Single)

02:20AM Till I Fall “Great Expectations Part II” from Great Expectations Part II (Single)

02:25AM The New Varsity “When It’s Over” from When It’s Over (Single)

02:29AM Trailview“Stone Heart” from Stone Heart (Single)

02:32AM Brand New “Jesus Christ” from Jesus Christ (Single)

02:37AM Less Than Jake “Johnny Quest Things We’re Sellouts” from Johnny Quest Things We’re Sellouts (Single)

02:40AM Happy Diving “Weird Dream” from Weird Dream (Single)

02:41AM Tess Dunn “Daydreamers” from Daydreamers (Single)

02:46AM Bad Religion “Requiem For Dissent” from Requiem For Dissent (Single)

02:49AM Neverlyn “Stanley Boulevard” from Stanley Boulevard (Single)

02:51AM Rancid “Evil’s My Friend” from Evil’s My Friend (Single)

02:55AM Kalifornia Redemption “Untitled 1” from Untitled 1 (Single)

02:57AM Jack’s Indigo “Surf’s Ghost” from Surf’s Ghost (Single)

Calamity Jane Overnight Playlist Dec 29th Hour 2: 
Check out all the local bands! #supportlocalmusic
03:03AM Reel Big Fish “Somebody Hates Me” from Somebody Hates Me (Single)

03:06AM Zulu Wave “Fast Beats” from Fast Beats (Single)

03:09AM Tesla Rossa “Kaleidoscopic Soul” from Kaleidoscopic Soul (Single)

03:13AM Communist Kayte “Poway, CA” from Poway, CA (Single)

03:15AM Scarlett Avenue “Knots” from Knots (Single)

03:18AM Stickup Kid“Good People In A Place I Hate” from Good People In A Place I Hate (Single)

03:24AM From Indian Lakes “Breathe, Desperately” from Breathe, Desperately (Single)

03:26AM AFI “Charles Atlas” from Charles Atlas (Single)

03:29AM Second To Last “Your Couch” from Your Couch (Single)

03:32AM The Weakerthans “Aside (Live)” from Aside (Live) (Single)

03:35AM The Jazz June “With Honors” from With Honors (Single)

03:41AM The Swingin’ Utters “Tell Them Told You So” from Tell Them Told You So (Single)

03:43AM MarinerVenom Spit” from Venom Spit (Single) Local

03:46AM Screeching Weasel “Cool Kids” from Cool Kids (Single)

03:47AM A Place Called Home “Has A Drinking Problem” from Has A Drinking Problem (Single) Local

03:49AM The Pink Spiders “Modern Swinger” from Modern Swinger (Single)

03:53AM The Bots “Alanna” from Alanna (Single)

03:55AM Flogging Molly “Devil’s Dance Floor (Live From The Greek, Los Angeles/2009)” from Devil’s Dance Floor (Live From The Greek, Los Angeles/2009) (Single)

Calamity Jane Overnight Playlist Dec 29th Hour 3:
Check out all the local bands! #supportlocalmusic04:00AM Goldfinger “Superman” from SUPERMAN (Single, 2010) on Moviesic

04:02AM Reishi “Arcana” from Arcana (Single) Local

04:06AM Pennywise “Fight Till You Die” from Fight Till You Die (Single)

04:10AM The Adicts “Angel” from Angel (Single)

04:13AM Here’s To The Year “Pristine” from Pristine (Single) Local

04:15AM Every Time I Die “Pelican Of The Desert” from Pelican of the Desert (Single)

04:16AM Useless ID “It’s Alright” from It (Single)

04:22AM Bread Club “Astraphobia” from Astraphobia (Single) Local

04:25AM The Suicide Machines “Red Flag” from Red Flag (Single)

04:27AM  Trailview “Loose Ends” from Loose Ends (Single) Local

04:29AM Rancid “Roots Radicals” from Roots Radicals (Single)

04:32AM Where the Sidewalk Ends – Bay Area “Out Of Sight” from Out Of Sight (Single) Local

04:37AM Slim Twig “All This Wanting” from All This Wanting (Single)

04:41AM CJ Ramone “One More Chance” from One More Chance (Single)

04:44AM Safety Hazard “Broken Streets” from Broken Streets (Single) Local

04:47AM Anti Flag “This Is The End (My Friend)” from This Is The End (My Friend) (Single)

04:49AM Misfits “Die Die My Darling” from Die Die My Darling (Single)

04:54AM Rancid “Honor Is All We Know” from …Honor Is All We Know (2014) on Sony Music Labels Inc.

04:56AM Pennywise “Am Oi!” from YESTERDAYS (2014) on Sony Music Labels Inc.

04:58AM The Menzingers “The Talk” from Rented World (CD, Album, Sub Rock, 2014, added 05/23/2014) on Epitaph

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05:01AM Cobra Skulls “DRoNeS” from Agitations (2011) on Fat Wreck Chords

05:04AM Happy Diving“EXPLORER” from Big World (2014, added 12/19/2014) on Father/Daughter Records Local

05:06AM Billy Talent “Crooked Minds” from Dead Silence (2012) on Last Gang Records

05:11AM Tesla Rossa “Movie House” from Tesla Rossa (2014, added 12/19/2014) on Silver Point Records

05:15AM Scarlett Avenue Repetition” from On the Mend (2014) on Scarlett Avenue Local

05:21AM Till I Fall MEMORIES” from Lessons (2014, added 11/21/2014) on Till i Fall Local

05:24AM Face to Face “DISCONNECTED” from Big Choice (1995) on A&M Records

05:25AM  Coda Here’s To The Year” from Here’s To The Year EP (2013) Local

05:29AM Bayside “Already Gone” from Killing Time (2011) on Wind-Up

05:32AM The Jazz June “Stuck On Repeat” from After the Earthquake (2014, added 12/05/2014) on Topshelf Records

05:36AM Stellar Corpses “Dead Stars Drive-In” from Dead Stars Drive-In (2012) on Santa Carla Records Local

05:39AM Street Dogs “Tobe’s Got A Drinking Problem” from Fading American Dream

05:41AM The Swingin’ Utters “Alice” from Fistful Of Hollow Local

05:45AM Kalifornia Redemption “(Untitled 1)” from The Caustic EP Local

05:48AM Stickup Kid“What’s Missing” from Future Fire (2013) on Adeline Records Local

05:54AM CJ Ramone “Carry Me Away” from Last Chance To Dance (Single, 2014, added 12/05/2014) on Fat Wreck Chords

05:57AM Flogging Molly “Requiem For a Dying Song (Live From The Greek, Los Angeles/2009)” from Live At The Greek Theatre (2010) on SideOneDummy Records

Calamity Jane is Back!

Tune in for my first overnight at 90.5 KSJS San Jose! December 29th 2am-6am PST! I’ve got 4 hours of alternative, punk, pop punk and ska plus tons of rad local music! Listen in at or turn that dial to 90.5 (if you live in the south bay area)