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Saving Cadence Takes over Calamity Jane (April 23rd 2014)

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Pop Punk Hero: 25 Things Local Bands Should Learn To Stop Doing

In no particular order, I’ve arranged a small list of errors that I secretly can’t stand seeing other local bands make. Whether you’re aware of committing to these errors or not, the purpose of this blog is to provide helpful insight for those potential bad moves that we can unknowingly make. I will admit, I’ve done all of the things on this list and I’ve learned from my past mistakes. (Hell, there are probably many more being made that I’m still unaware of) But while I have, I couldn’t help but wish that there were more blogs similar to this to prevent my band from doing half of the dumb shit that I’ve listed. It may be a bit blunt, but someone’s got to fucking say it.

25 Things Local Bands Should Learn To Stop Doing

  1. Showing up to load in late.
    Being late is unprofessional. How can you expect to do business with someone when you’re being unprofessional? Guess you’ll be playing house shows for the rest of your life…
  2. Talking to no one at the show and expecting everyone to listen to their set.
    Contrary to what you may believe after watching Blink 182 Youtube videos all night, you may have to actually work for the respect of total strangers. Especially on tour. People will watch your set, but don’t expect them to remember your name or buy your merch if there’s no middleman to help influence the decision.
  3. Allowing half their members to continue being freaking awkward.
    I know we all started our bands because we were outcasts or misfits or whatever, but if you really want to be in a successful band, you should be as much of a social superstar as your front man. If your front man can’t even rise to the occasion, then you’re probably doomed.
  4. Having more than one show in the same area on the same month.
    A couple of reasons to not do this would include lack of time between each show to promote the other, and the lack of interest in the next show because your draw went to the previous show. It also makes booking your band seem like a bad investment on the booker’s end.
  5. Making negative generalizations and assumptions of those who want to make the show a party. If people can have more fun at shows high and drunk, let them. Not everyone likes being in a pit. Some people like going to shows to be social. Drugs and booze help make it super easy to bring that out in us (and make the show waaay more fun) Unless it of course is a straight edge show…then beat that dude’s ass for disrespecting.
  6. Competing in Gorilla battle of the bands competitions or any type of battle where judgement is based on presales and attendance as opposed to talent, creativity, and energy.
    These fucks will only drain your draw for nothing in return but 30 minutes on a big stage that you didn’t truly earn the right to play on. I’ve played four of these things. I’m not famous, no one remembers my band for playing at the DNA Lounge, and I certainly don’t talk about it anymore.
  7. Only promoting shows on Facebook.
    Everyone’s all like “there’s no good social media sites anymore” and I’m just here like “well then why hasn’t anyone gone back to promoting the old way again?”
  8. Avoiding shows they aren’t playing.
    Going to shows = Networking opportunities, supporting your scene, a better night than staying in.
  9. Putting out shittily produced EPs.
    If you have the gas money to play all of those shows all over town, a job that pays for your likes and hobbies, and band members who also have jobs (ESPECIALLY WITH NO FINANCIAL OBLIGATIONS. REALLY. FUCK YOU.) then you have the money to save up for however long it takes to record at a decent studio and not in someone’s dark asshole of a bedroom. Be patient. Demos don’t get you to Warped. Already tried that. (P.s. if you went into a studio expecting more than you got, then you should have done a lot more research on who you were working with.)
  10. Expecting people to buy shittily packaged EPs.
    Nuuupe. I’ve been the guy who’s burned and labeled my band’s shitty demos and EP’s back in the day so I know the feeling of hard work that comes with it. But do you know what’s actually hard? Grinding your teeth and making financial sacrifices for a fucking month so your work looks like something you can be legitimately proud of. Stop being cheap.
  11. Playing extra long sets like they’re in God’s band or something.
    One thing I’ve always done with my band is have a realistic understanding of how long people are willing to stand through a set before losing interest and ultimately looking forward to your last song. Just because YOU want to play longer doesn’t mean others want to stay longer. They will vanish to the smoking area. I mean unless you’re the act that everyone clearly wants to see. Then rock on dude.
  12. Releasing unmixed/unfinished work.
    Once people have already heard the song, their impression remains and the pressure of convincing them that the final will sound better now lands on your shoulders. That and unmixed work usually sounds like shit. Why else do you think we pay that extra money to have it mixed and mastered?
  13. Begging crowds to move closer after several trials and failures.
    It really does start getting awkwardly pathetic after the third try. Let your music bring them closer. If they don’t come closer, record your set, listen to see if you suck, and get better. My band’s still doing it.
  14. Bashing other local bands.
    Its just ugly and shows you have nothing better to talk about.
  15. Bashing other bands at the same show.
    What’s the worst thing that someone can hear you say? Something negative about the band trying just as hard as you to figure out how to make it in this maze we call a music scene. Now you’re the douche band that everyone is shit talking. Yes. That shit happens.
  16. Playing way too fucking loud after being together long enough to stop being way too fucking loud.
    People who bring abnormally large amps to small spaces like coffee shops can also fuck off. (If you don’t know the size of the space, then take the extra effort to ask someone in charge of the show.) Combo amps aren’t just for practice you know.
  17. Playing and leaving.
    The amount of fucks you give to the show will be reciprocated. If none are given, then you’re wasting everyone’s time and a slot on the bill.
  18. Playing shows they know they won’t at least try to promote.
    See number 17.
  19. Putting out premature full length albums.
    Rushing to release full lengths when no one will even listen to a whole short album from you is just stupid. Adding more songs to your next release won’t change that.
  20. Belittling those amazingly faithful friends who have watched you suck all of these years by calling them your fans.
    It honestly sounds kind of ridiculous unless you do have a plethora of scene kids you don’t know that randomly found your band on Tumblr.
  21. Not knowing the bands on the bill.
    Sounds more ignorant than not.
  22. Allowing themselves to be on bills that don’t go with their genre.
    For example, I don’t fucking like metal anymore. I kinda do. But not enough to listen to a local band suck at it. Invite me to a pop punk show and I will for sure go whether I know the bands suck or not. Invite me to a show with a poorly built bill and I’ll assume it’s a show made for the purpose of selling tickets, not packing a house.
  23. Bitching when “only the bands” were there for their ill promoted set.
    If you hate empty shows, you’re going to looove your first tour. Humble yourself and make the most of them.
  24. Flaking without notice.
    You are shit. You’ll never play in this town again. Etc. etc.
  25. Coming to one show, suggesting to the drummer of a band that you should play a show together, and calling that shit networking.
    Congratulations! You’re so awkward!

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