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Episode 3: It’s Only You Featuring Chris from Crossout

Chris from Crossout stopped by the studio last night to hang out and talk about their upcoming shows, release Crossout’s new song called Sucker & talk about how you know when you’re in a band. Listen to the show right here ->

Calamity Jane Season 4. Episode 3: It’s Only You Featuring Chris From Crossout by Calamity Jane on Mixcloud

This Wednesday Night!

Tomorrow night Feb. 26th at 7 PM (PST) at we’ll be hanging in the studio with Crossout from Monterey! Tune in and hear some rad tunes from them and more rad local bay area & so-cal bands! This is the cutting edge of chaos!


Episode 2: #VANLIFE Featuring Don’t Be The Hero

Don’t Be The Hero stopped by the studio to world premiere their “I Miss You” cover.  For the exclusive interview and music from Stickup Kid, Born to Be Rad, Hear The Sirens, Safety Hazard, Mariner and more…

Listen Here ->

Calamity Jane Season 4. Episode 2: #vanlife Featuring Don’t Be The Hero by Calamity Jane on Mixcloud

Hey everyone! My name is Luke Sovinsky and I will be writing here on I am very excited to share my experiences and opinions on the music scene! That being said let me take a moment and share a little bit about myself. I am 19 years old, born and raised in beautiful San Diego, CA. I play Guitar in a Pop punk/hardcore band called “Cut Your Losses“. I attend Mira Mar Community College and am taking criminal justice and musical engineering.

I love all genres of music: Pop punk, hardcore, classic rock, metal, country, SOME rap, and pop. My favorite band of all time goes to Green Day, I have loved them ever since I started listening to rock music. My goals in life are of course for my band to be successful, but one of my dreams since I was a little kid is to be a police officer and eventually a US Marshall. But for this blog I will be focusing on bringing attention to great music that needs to be heard, wether it be big bands or local bands. I will be doing album and EP reviews along with show reviews. Well that’s me! I will be posting my first blog soon enough! Thanks for reading people!

Being an Introvert on Tour

I am an introvert (introversion is generally shown by reserved and solitary behavior). I’m socially capable, and I LOVE talking to people. But being around people generally burns me out pretty quickly, and I need time to myself to recharge, especially with my minor anxiety issues. So being on tour with five other people in a van or whatever vehicle for weeks at a time takes its toll on me, especially because my bandmates are extroverts (being alone/not being social burns them out the way being around people burns me out).

A lot of my time on tour is spent “alone”, cooped up in a corner. I generally don’t ride shotgun (co-piloting, as we call it) because I’m asleep half the time, and it makes the driver sleepy. I’m almost always cooped up in the back under some blankets cuddled up to a pillow. I have my headphones in constantly. I read. I play games on my phone. I text my friends, when I have reception (I like being alone but I hate feeling lonely). I write songs in my 100 page composition book I bought in Washington in a Wal-Mart at midnight when the other guys were getting snacks. It’s hard, but it’s absolutely worth it. I love my bandmates. I love touring. I love playing music. It’s all I want to do with my life. So I’ll fight for it, every second of the way.

Unknown Band Of The Day: Short Stories from San Diego, CA (pop punk/emo). These guys are very good friends of mine, and put out my favorite EP of 2013. You can find their music at (

I’ve been listening to: Self Titled by Heart to Heart, The Weight That You Buried by Knuckle Puck, and Guero by Beck. All fantastic releases.