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Season 2. Episode 17 Red Lights & BLNT

Listen Here ->

Calamity Jane (Season 2:Episode 17. Red Lights & BLNT) by Calamity Jane on Mixcloud

Did you miss the show? Life’s bad for you isn’t it? Here’s the playlist from tonight! Check out the local bands and Better Luck Next Time if you haven’t heard of them. They are da bomb!
November 5th- Vision Theory
Shining On – Big D And The Kids Table
Aliens Exist – Blink-182
This Is Over – Stickup Kid
Stray Heart – Green Day
Life Passes – Implants
Beauty Fool- Better Luck Next Time
Mt. Diablo – The Story So Far
Finally Alive – Saving Cadence
5-9 1:08 Fidlar
The Vans Song – Suicide Machines
Awkward Phase – Trash the Dress
Family Tradition – Senses Fail
Luke’s Mom – The Anchormen
Someone – Suicide Machines
An Elegy For Baby Blue – The Wonder Years
2am – Mat Kerekes
Regrets and Valentines – PUSH
Mission Accomplished – Running Like Lions
Cerveza – Ballyhoo

Writer’s Block and Pot Heads

Cupid! I need some help. I have super writers block and I have no clue what to write. Any ideas you can suggest?
– Blake Roles

You know Blake, writer’s block is the biggest slap in the butt cheeks that every artist despises. Even the most creative people get writers block. You can even get it at the most inconvenient times. With writers block listed down to the main basic types: You’re bored with other songs you should be working on and trying to make a new one. When you’re finishing up a song and someone interrupts you and makes you lose your train of thought. You can’t just write because whatever song you are into you want to sound exactly like that song. But there are ways out of this nightmare

No, suicide is not the way out, but it feels it can come pretty close. You can either sit there and wait for a new wave of inspiration to flow over you, Go out and try to find inspiration, or go out on walks put yourself in different environments. Look around you, what do you see? What would that mean in an artist’s perspective? What metaphor can that be related to?

Brand New is the kind of band who’s lyrics are pretty intensely artistic. My older brother brought up the point that as far as imagery is concerned they do a great job at it. They know how to put people in the situation of whatever it is they are singing about. “When you think of me, and you forget your seat belt, and again when your head goes through the windshield” – Seventy Times Seven by Brand New. So if you put yourself in a certain environment  with certain emotions, do your best to describe the comparison between the 2.

Going into substance on this subject, marijuana, mushrooms, or acid are fully effective and popular drugs artists may use. Hallucinogens that will get you on a huge trip that you can get influenced by that type of environment. Don’t hear me wrong, when I say they are effective it doesn’t mean I’m encouraging people to use them. Drugs have their downsides and can give extreme problems to your Health.
For example: Pot heads won’t shut up about weed. Funny but true.

Going a bit off topic, but just a quick note about pot heads. They can be one of the most difficult musicians to work with. It’s kinda like working with a kid who has ADD. When you try to talk about music with them they keep trying to get you to smoke out of their bong. You try to have practice with them but I guarantee you it will be like 5 minutes of jamming and 2 hours of smoking. This is a branch of the “wanna be” musicians I talked about in my blog the week before. Now I will note, so that you stoners out there won’t get super offended at my pot post and try to start a rebellion of some sort. I’m not just going off stereo types, I’ve personally experienced these encounters. If you have a problem, blame them for my opinion. Now i have met other people who smoke weed but are super active in music, they do it on occasion, they offer but they don’t force. (Its kinda like one’s religion) I’m going to boil it down to one sentence. Musicians might get stoned, but stoners aren’t musicians.

Anyway the way I see it with drugs is that it’s more or less the easy way out to try to come up with a song when you have writers block. I personally don’t do drugs because it not only gives me more of a challenge but I’ve never really seen the need for me too.

Blake whether you’re a stoner or not, just do your best to pull through with writers block. Find your environment, think about how it relates to your feelings, and who knows you might come up with a bad ass song about not knowing what to write about.  That’s what Chicago did, and they call that song 25or6to4


P.S. for the next few weeks, I’m going to be away from civilization and into the deepest reaches of the wilderness. I like to call it working at summer camp ironically we have wifi but I’m going to be so busy I won’t have time to blog for you people. Ill be back and blogging in the second week of August. Keep playing, going to shows, and send me YOUR musical questions and concerns or comments on my Facebook page on the link below. Have a nice summer!


This Week’s Best Songs Ever


Ballroom Blitz
by: The Sweet

I can’t find a real Live footage of this song, so I just put up this music video thing up
but this song is still awesome. It’s a song about concerts what more do you need? It’s got moshing groupies and a fast paced rock’n feel.


Band on the Run
by:Paul McCartney

It’s been a good favorite of mine ever since I played Guitar Hero World Tour. (back when I didn’t know that much about music) It’s practically four songs in one. It’s songs like this, “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen , “Jesus of Suburbia” by Green Day, and “A Quick One While He’s Away” by The Who that show’s who has the balls and creativity to make a song like that.


All I Want
by: A Day To Remember

Hardcore Music isn’t a personal favorite genre of mine due to the lack of creativity. But for a POST hardcore band, A Day To Remember is so freak’n awesome. The lyrics they come up with for this song is magnificent. “Let’s leave no words unspoken and save regrets for the broken. Will you even look back when you think of me?”


99 Revolutions
By: Green Day

Actually any of their songs are incredibly awesome. I should list this in THE BEST BAND EVER Category, because they are one of the few bands who sound as clean live as they do on the record. There’s a reason that I choose the Berkeley Live version as the live Video, because I WAS THERE! (at the very front might I note) Calamity Jane was there somewhere but she was somewhere in the back. <3


Baba O’riley
by: The Who

The Who is just one of those amazing bands that can’t be denied for it’s creativity and awesome performance. The Who was the ones who started the whole Punk Rock thing with destroying their instruments and being rude and pretty much sticking it to the man. Thank them for all the music you have today.

Calamity Jane’s Warped Tour Recap

The Vans Warped Tour has always been the highlight of my summer since I first started going back in ’07. What gets me every year is the powerful way it brings people together. Different kinds of people near and far with different struggles all brought together by one thing: Music. The whole day is filled with excitement as people all rush to the stages to see their favorite bands play.  Even if they know no one around them, the second the song starts everyone sings and moves together as one with the band. I can only imagine how wonderful it must feel for the bands that play but from my own experience it’s  pretty wonderful for the crowd too.

Warped Tour allows this unique experience that lets you get in an up close and personal situation with many very popular bands. Heck, I went to The Story So Far tent after buying a tank top and just walked right up and chatted with Parker Cannon as he signed my shirt. With big arena shows, that isn’t possible. There’s an invisible barrier between the fans and the artist but with warped tour I  feel like that barrier doesn’t exist. They can see us and hear us just like we can do the same with them. We are all brought together by our love of music.

I’ve been as a pre-teen, teenager and a “young adult”,  i’ve even gotten backstage before but this year I was vendor. I worked  in a booth with my good friends from Communist Kayte, Point of View and Hella Mad Records promoting the bay area music scene!  I can’t even begin to tell you all the reasons why this was the best year ever.  Getting the chance to sharing this amazing experience with good friends and promoting what we love to do meant the world to me. Thank You!  Here’s some pictures from yesterday. Congrats to Communist Kayte for playing Warped Tour. You guys rocked! ~Calamity Jane

Communist Kayte @ the Kevin Says Stage
Don’t Be The Hero waiting for Communist Kayte’s Set!
The Calamity Jane Prize Wheel. Spreading the word about Bay Area Music!
Calamity Jane and the boys of  Coda chilling behind the booth

Mid-day crowd in front of the booth!


Tomorrow Calamity Jane Radio, Communist Kayte, Point of View, Hella Mad Records and more will be working a Local Bay Area Music Tent at the Vans Warped Tour in Mountain View, CA!

Be sure to stop by! There will be raffles of skateboards, a prize wheel with awesome prizes and not to mention free stickers, demos and more! Don’t forget to see Communist Kayte play on the Kevin Says Stage! Actual time TBA.


Intro to being in a band

Hello everyone this post is a little late because I didn’t have the time throughout the week but anyway I’m here today to talk about what its like being a bass player in a band.

Being a bass player is a great experience not only because you get to be apart of a band and  meet a lot of great people, but that you have the ability to be apart of something that most people could never do. Having the skills to play bass takes time to master but once you have become an experienced bass player then it is time to really show off your skills. Now I’ve seen a lot of players who become amazing bassists but don’t want to do anything more than just jamming along to their favorite songs and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that but for those of you interested in taking your skills into a band this post is a basic introduction into being a bass player in a rock, metal, punk , etc band.

When joining a band you should have a general idea of what you want to get out of your band I.E. if you want to have a classic rock sound then you should use your influences to help you create/cover songs in your band. You should also be in a band with people that you know and get along with. Now me personally I’ve been in two bands that I didn’t know anyone when I started and after spending some time with the people in those bands I was able to connect with them and to this day we continue to play shows. This case is not always the same for every bass player the best way to form a band is to start it with people you know who are interested in the same music as you. For example you wouldn’t want to join a band with people whose views were different in what they want out of the band because that could cause future issues such as song ideas and crowd appeal and could ultimately make your experience in the band much more stressful. In fact my first band, which will remain nameless, had so many different views on what we wanted out of the band that we were always arguing and complaining about one another which ultimately lead to the bands demise. So what you need to do is find people with a common interest in music and start a band with them. Once you have started your band, there’s a lot that a bass player can get out of being in the band.

Like all the members in a band a bass player has the right to create songs and add to what their fellow bandmates have already created. Don’t feel that  since you’re the bass player that you need to just keep quiet and play only what the guitar players write you should be able to express yourself freely and if your band seems to neglect that then maybe think about finding a different band. In the end when starting a band you need a vision of what you want out of your music, you need to be in a band with people who you can get along with and share a fellow interest in, and you should always express your ideas to your bandmates and feel just as important as everyone else.

Alright well that’s all I have for you guys today check out the rest of the website and be sure to check out this blog anywhere between Monday-Friday of next week thanks a lot and take care

Season 2 Episode 16: GET WARPED! (Vans Warped Tour Special)

Listen Here ->

Calamity Jane (Season 2: Episode 16: GET WARPED. Vans Warped Tour Special) by Calamity Jane on Mixcloud

White Lies – Man Overboard
Porch Light – Handguns
Super Rad – Aquabats
Empty Space – The Story So Far
Came Out Swinging – The Wonder Years
Poway, CA –Communist Kayte
Drown – Citizen
Shut the Front Door (Too Young For This) – Forever the Sickest Kids
Superman – Goldfinger
Don’t Call It A Comeback – Motion City Soundtrack
Down In Flames – Reel Big Fish
Mt. Diablo – The Story So Far
Revenge and It’s Thrills – Tonight Alive
One Way Conversation – Communist Kayte
Waiting (Official) – Avenue of Escape
L.A.X. – Big D & The Kids Table
99 Red Balloons – Goldfinger

Respect and Support

This week’s blog isn’t going to be a Q&A kind of thing but more of an address and a word of advice. You can have a lot of bad habits to when you at in a band and when you associate with other bands. Drugs can be involved, that’s your business, but the main topic I want to get on is the common respect for other people and what they are trying to do. In short, quit the trash talk on other bands.Now this is me setting up the situation right now, I’m going off the chart a little bit but you’ll see the point I’m getting to.

Being in a band is kinda like having a job. You earn your reputation by how you act and how you play. And i will be honest, people do judge books by their covers. I mean if a band brings in a really crappy demo, people won’t listen to it because how bad the quality is and how off everything might be. Don’t get pissed off if other people don’t like your demos, or if record companies don’t accept you because you aren’t professional enough yet. Or if you aren’t tight enough on stage and you’re continuously messing up or out of tune. That’s your problem you need to figure out how to fix that and earn people’s respect, Because you can’t get people’s respect if you’re continuously apologizing for your music.

So we have that scenario. Here’s part 2.

You have the more experienced band, they have a good fan base, they’re all about music and they love to play. At this point it’s not about just playing but playing tight, in tune, and sounding clean. They come across this other inexperienced band and say how cool they are in front of them and then bad mouth them Behind their backs to other people. It’s called false support. It’s called being 2 faced. It’s called lying. I’ve interacted with these bands more than once when it’s either about my band or other people’s bands. People do talk, and if you show the kind of spirit were “my band is totally better than theirs” then it looks bad on you. I started gaining that bad habit when I started gigging, and then I had someone call me out on it and realized It was the wrong way to go. I didn’t mean to seem like an asshole, but that was what I was making myself look like if I gave bad mouthing criticism without even so much as a resolution. (In fact you shouldn’t even give bad mouthing criticism)

Giving a band positive criticism with a “you can do this to sound better” mood is more encouraging to that band to get better, and makes you look good for your bands reputation.

Don’t ever think that your band is way better than others because its not about being better and being popular its about the music. If you focus on the music and support others as well everything else will follow. I’ve met too many bands who think they’re better than other people and it gets on my nerves.

So please, do your best to encourage bands and help them out with their potential. Don’t try to tear them down bring them up. They can help you out as much as you help them. Who knows, you might be the ones opening for them when they have millions of fans.


FYI I’m kinda busy at the moment and I’m going to post this weeks greatest songs of all time later tonight. Sorry for any inconvenience. LOVE YOU GUYS! <3

You Blew It!

Alright, I wanna start this post off by expressing how bummed I am that I couldn’t go to Warped Tour last sunday. I mean seriously, Motion City Soundtrack, The Story So Far, Real Friends, Citizen, and Big D and The Kids Table???? That’s worth the ticket price right there! But  we’ve been super busy apartment hunting this past week (but thankfully we finally found a place!). Every year I always contemplate going, but these past 2 years I just haven’t been able to convince myself to fork over $40, and then this year the lineup is AMAZING and I just couldn’t do it. I guess you could say I Blew It….(my lame attempt at segue)

I’ve been really into this band lately called “You Blew It!” from Florida. I guess you could call it indie rock, although they’ve been touring with mainly pop punk bands. Regardless, they’re fucking awesome (and I’m not usually a fan of indie). They’re debut LP called “Grow Up, Dude” is absolutely fantastic start to finish. My personal stand-outs are “The Fifties“, “Terry v. Tori” and “Medal of Honor“. And on top of that, they’re just rad dudes in general. If you’re looking for a new band I would definitely recommend these guys. And for the record, my recommendation is essentially a guarantee. So yeah. ENJOY!

Stay Rad Guys!

(and if you want check out my cover of “The Fifties

Calamity Jane is back this Wednesday June 19th at 7PM! Tune in on & get PUMPED UP for WARPED TOUR on June 22nd!


The Ballad of Vision Theory, and The One Time Reunion (Almost)…

It’s been almost a year since the last Vision Theory show, and I have to say, it’s been super depressing. Even though we were just a small local band, at the time, it was our lives. Literally everything we did involved the band. We put our hear and souls into the music, the shows, and Vision Theory in general. I had the honor of joining the band shortly after their old guitarist Nick Dodge left for school. We instantly clicked and writing came fairly easily. As Tim always said “we were friends before band mates” and I think that was the most important thing about us. We had a good run, and some small radio success (if you count 1 or 2 plays as success).  We had every intention and hope of taking the band as far as we possibly could but unfortunately things changed and we were forced to break up. It’s been almost a year since any of us have played together or written a song together, but last weekend we finally had the opportunity. We were offered a spot to play at a club ceremony at U of O. Sadly the greatest bassist in the world, Jon Young, couldn’t be there due to distance. So Tim, Stephen and I got to play an acoustic set together. And I gotta say, it was a fucking blast. I’ve missed playing in a band so much, just doing covers with them was awesome. I’ve tried to find musicians up here in Portland, but I don’t think there will ever be that same connection we had as a band. So the reality is, Vision Theory is in the past, but we will never be forgotten.

Stay Rad guys.

New basses I checked out

Sorry last week I was unavailable to post anything due to personal matters but today I’m here to talk about some really great basses that I checked out at guitar center last week. First things first most of the basses I played were used so if you’re interested in buying them then I would suggest trying them out first. The first bass I played was a Ernie ball musicman sub series bass. These basses are the cheapest basses in the amazing lineup of Ernie ball basses but their quality is still great. If anything this bass has blown me away with its quality it has similar woods from basses I have used in the past but weighs way less than your average Ernie ball bass. It also has amazing tone I tried it through four different amps and it sounded amazing. All around I would give this bass a try because of its great construction, tone, and overall value.

The next bass I played was a used ESP custom viper bass. For me it was a surprise because guitar center usually never possesses these awesome basses but I was fortunate enough to play this bass. The instrument screamed metal holding one bad ass EMG active pickup and having a bad ass black look the bass was definatly designed with metal players in mind. With that said the bass did have a wide variety of tones that I tried through different amps and even with its metal go to design, it worked great for many other styles of music including rock, punk, and even had some jazzy grove to it. Although not as punchy as the Ernie ball, this bass had a much larger neck than the Ernie ball. It also featured an inverted body type that ESP doesn’t make anymore which at first lead me to believe that it was a left handed bass but it wasn’t.

Although I played many other basses there Those two stuck out to me possessing great value and great design I would defiantly check them out.

Ernie ball musicman SUB series= 9.5/10

ESP viper bass= 8/10

Thanks again and I will see you all next week remember if you have questions to comment and be sure to check out the rest of the Calamity Jane radio website take care.

Finding Band Members

Hey Cupid!
       So I’m wanting to start off a band but I don’t know how i can since people around where I live is either not in the same style as I am or doesn’t even know how to play. I’m kinda stuck can you help me out?
                        -Brandon Dolee

Hey Brandon, as I’m sure you’re not the only one in this situation. Many people have more trouble trying to find band mates than others, and that depends on the situation of course. Though I don’t know your situation involving that, the usual case is because “the town you live in is so small all they care about is farming” or some junk like that.  Yea it does suck but the sentence that comes to mind when I think of scenarios like that is “You have to think far if you wanna go far” Forming a band is pretty easy. Keeping members can be difficult. I speak from experience when I first started a band.

Pretty much when people start a band and don’t realize what they are getting themselves into, a good majority of the time they hire people who have various requirements that people try to find.
He/she has an instrument, he/she is a friend, he/she has a van, he/she has a fog machine. Basic stuff people, c’mon!

Now quick reality check, is the van important? Not yet no. And is the fog machine important? No. But are those desirable? Hell yes because at this time people are in the “Day Dream Stage.” For me in the beginning I just wanted to do it. I didn’t care if we were ready or if we sounded tight or good, I just wanted to play and everything else would just happen automatically. Everyone, this is the danger to the “day dream stage” people go to concerts to hear things that sound good. If you don’t practice well or check your tuning or if you’re off time, people will know and notice right off the bat. And when they do notice, don’t get pissed off at them because they “don’t understand.” take their criticism as fair advice to sound better. Film yourself and watch it, they maybe right. Now being in the “day dream stage” isn’t bad, it’s the first step to anything and everything. It’s what makes goals right? But you actually have to do stuff to reach the next step, other wise you’d pretty much be labeled as a wanna be.

(I don’t like using the term “wanna be” because its more derogatory to those who are inexperienced. Don’t go around and pointing at people whispering to others “Hey! Look at that wanna be!” It’s just plain stupid. The only reason why he should be called a wanna be is if he thinks he’s bad ass when he cant even play in time)

A good example of an experienced and inexperienced musician is trying to find a good drummer. You can’t just put someone behind a set of drums, have him wailing like a cave man, and call him a drummer. The drums have to sound in time, sharp, and clean. Good signs into finding one of these drummers are pretty simple. Is he dedicated to finding the right technique? Does he research his instrument and how he might make it sound 10x better? Is he a super technical tune freak? Keep him he’s worth the trouble. The best things about those kinds of  musicians is that even if they aren’t experienced they’re always practicing and striving to learn more.

Now Brandon, let me say that there’s always someone close by that can play and be in a band with you. Not EVERYONE can play in your band and  not just anyone can play in your band either. You have to pick and choose between people with similar tastes, and amazing talents. And maybe there are people who can play and are interested but you don’t know it yet. Post some flyers for a jam session and see where that goes. College campuses are also good spots to find fellow musicians. Bring in band members closer to your age group so you wont have like a 30 year old guy surrounded by 14 year olds. I have seen bands like that before. You should also preferably choose band members who can get along with each other so you can stay a good group and come closer as a family. If you plan on doing this forever, forever is a long time with these people 😛


P.S. Send me YOUR questions and letters on my Facebook page and I will answer them on here!

This Week’s best songs ever.

by:Jimmy Eat World
Live Verson:
Studio Verson:
You know the song whether you remember the band name or not. Jimmy Eat World is one of the more amazing alternative bands i can bring to thought. They come up with some of the most beautiful Melodies and blood pumping songs. I wish I can put all their songs on one post but I’m obligated to not over spam the Calamity Jane website.
So I’ll just say have a Jimmy Eat World Marathon in your room as you stare up at the ceiling and ponder your thoughts.


Somebody That I Used To Know
Live Version:
Studio Version:
You Either Like the song or you don’t there is no in between, mainly because of how ridiculously over played this song got, but this would have to be on my list here. You can truely hear the pain in his voice as he sings this song. Not to mention Kimbra’s (the babe in the music video) voice is so clear and beautiful. Hell, I’ve gotten super depressed and wrote a song about how a beautiful girl broke up with me. Wouldnt you?


Stairway To Heaven
by:Led Zeppelin
Live Verson:
Studio Verson:
This is on here for obvious reasons. It’s Led Zeppelin, and it’s Stairway to Heaven. In the 70s, bands had the habit of writing 8 to 10 minute songs. People start to wonder how and why, when they just can’t shut up and listen to the dang song. Jimmy Page’s Super Famous Solo in that song has granted him more awards of having made the best solo of all time. If I remember correctly it’s gotten him BEST SOLO for 7 years straight. There’s also some talk of satanic messages if you play the song backwards, which always freaked out super christiany people. It gave them the impression that it’s proof that Rock and Roll is of the devil. Now with my bitch slap of fury to these people that no, Led Zeppelin is too peaceful and high to be satanic. No one is that clever to write a song knowing what it might sound like playing backwards….or is there?


I’ve seen all good people
Live Verson:
Studio Verson:
I’m a huge fan of Yes. And this song is so amazing itself. John Anderson (lead singer’s) lyrics for any of his songs are pure potery. This song for example shows how life is a game of chess. I saw I actually saw him doing a solo show over at The Rio Theater in Santa Cruz last year with my dad, and he has such an amazing voice. I was always scared to sing high because I always felt like people would see me as a girl of some kind. But honestly people, Singers who can sing as high as he can are gifted and get a lot fo respect from other singers. It’s super hard to sing up to a High C like he does. Oh, speaking of Hi-C, I’m pretty thirsty.

(Fun Fact: Robert Plant gave John Anderson his first joint.)


Bohemian Rhapsody
by: Queen
Live Verson:
Studio Verson:
This is another obvious selection. Describing how great this song is will never give it justice. EVERYONE sings a long to it because EVERYONE knows it. Queen is one literally a one of a kind band. There will never be another that can easily be like them. Freddie Mercury’s voice is so magnificent and rare to find in the rock world. Mainly because it’s all Opera. His Vocals are very Opera based which gives it it’s most special sound that everyong can hear for ages. He also took the step and was daring enough to make this song, by combining 3 songs together. Originally radio stations said that the song was too long and that he needed to divide them up again. But he felt that the song was perfect and didnt need to be messed with any longer. Not only has he stuck with it and kept the song structure as it is but by doing that he’s inspired bands like Green Day to write songs like Jesus Of Suburbia. God, we will sacrafice unto you a pop star by ripping his/her heart out on an alter if we are able to get Freddie Mercury back…..Please?…… Pretty Please?



House-U-Mentary. Episode 1: Chaz’s House

June 7, 2013
Chaz’s House – Oakland, CA

After an hours notice of cancellation of the show
at Love At First Slice because of the dreaded double booking incident, Chaz from (Don’t Be The Hero) ironically steps up and saves the day. This video contains a mash-up of that night followed by a tour follow up (“recrap”) of Communist Kayte’s Tour
with Don’t Be The Hero about their crazy lives.
Check out and support all of the local bands below!


The Truth

Safety Hazard-

Communist Kayte-

Don’t Be The Hero-
This mashup is brought to you by Calamity Jane!

What is Music?

        Dear Cupid,
             You mentioned earlier the definition of music but you never defined it from a dictionary. So can you tell us what the definition of music is? 🙂
                             -Brigitte Coles
      “Music-The art or science of combining vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion.”
         Actually looking at that definition brings out kind of a whole different meaning in mind huh? People generally listened to music for many different reasons. But usually when they start listening it’s mainly because it’s catchy. That catchy tune people get drawn in, can trigger emotions into dancing, moshing, getting pumped for a work out, or any other kind of influence in the mind (depending on mood of the song and person.) You can throw in any genre for this as an example.
        (Yes even dubstep can have this effect on people. You’re welcome ravers.)
        But the more people get into it, wanting to play an instrument and such, they will eventually sink in to the origins of some of the genres they listen to close dear. So here’s my mind blowing Morpheus moment.
       What if I told you…  a great majority of modern music is mainly influenced by OLDIES STUFF?!?!?!?
       Yup it’s true. Think about it, where did alternative come from? It evloved from pop punk of course! Where did pop punk come from? Punk! And punk is just a harder more simplified version of Rock and Roll which is one of my most favorite genres ever. But for oldies (or Classic Rock) If you research well, one of Green Day’s influence is The Who, Slipknot’s is Black Sabbath, and Foo Fighters’s is Led Zeppelin. The list goes on.
But those artist are kind of old themselves, so let’s see how recent we can get vs how old we can get.
Well believe it or not Oliver Sykes from Bring Me The Horizon’s main influence for their album “there is a hell believe me I’ve seen it there is a heaven lets keep it a secret” was Freddy Mercury from Queen. Kind of a weird combo right? Speaking of Queen, MCR (alongside with The Used) did their cover of David Bowie and Queen’s song Under Pressure. People can’t do a tribute to such awesome musical artists without being influenced by them. And going even older, Muse listens to classical music and they have dubstep in their songs now. So there!
          Here’s the point I’m getting to. Music is Universal, it’s not something you just listen to to be popular or to have a strict look on. (I can think of swaggers just listening to stuff for the swag. or metal heads thinking how everything isnt metal enough) It’s like whenever I bring up a cool song from a couple of years ago, people would say, “OH WOW THAT’S SO OLD”
   Uuuuuummm I’m sorry, I didnt know music expires ? Oh wait…
IT DOESN’T. It’s a beauty form of expression and emotion. If  you were to give older music a listen you’d realize why various musicians look back to them for inspiration. For me all genres are equally awesome, but it’s the artists I can be critical about.
          Usually pop artists are on the list of people I bash on for many reasons, but mainly the reason I can’t help but feel is wrong is that pop artists stand for popularity. They also have the tendency of being a fake performer. It doesn’t usually start like that but that’s what they become.
For example, Niki Minaj. I can rave on and on about her. Though  her metaphors for some of her songs are pretty impressive her image and what she stands for are not.  Generally when musical artists express, it’s a matter of what they think, how they think, and why. It gives them something to stand for, which also shows the main image and message they go by. Lady gaga stands against discrimination (more specifically) for gays. Jack White stands for standing up for yourself, working hard, and making it happen. Niki Minaj? …. Booty call.
              Now I also said pop stars are fake. This is half true. I have every right to say they are fake if they lip sync. *cough* Justin Bieber *cough cough* one direction.  Why do people go to concerts to see heart throbs mouth the words? We all know Tom Delounge (guitarist for blink-182)  is the worst live singer ever but he still has the nads to actually rock out up there with his cracked up voice. (then again he isnt a pop artist) Thankfully not all pop stars lip sync. Fun. totally doesn’t, and why would they? Nate Ruess has one of the most amazing clearest male vocals I can think of. THAT DUDE KNOWS HOW TO SING. Maroon 5 is also a good example along side with Coldplay. Sure their stuff is over played but it’s over played for a reason right?
         But pretty much in the end, music is all about the art. Just because some songs are old doesn’t make them uncool, it makes things a lot more valuable. And just because Pop Music is… well… poppy, doesn’t make them uncool either. Just enjoy whatever you think brings you up and gives you something to relate to. Music’s the perfect kind of getaway for that sort of thing 🙂
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This Week’s best songs ever.
by: Paramore
This song can speak for itself. Hayley Williams knows how to really express her pissed off  lyrics very well in this song.
The enthusiasm in her beautiful voice is also unbelievable.
You know how I do
by: Taking Back Sunday
Taking Back Sunday has always been one of my favorite bands of all time for the reason of pure creativity. Notice how they switch around the lyrics, “so sick, so sick of being tired and oh so tired of being sick” along with “so obviously desperate so desperately obvious” It’s just pure genius.
Seventy Times Seven
by: Brand New
I will never find a more intense song like this. Brand New’s Lyrics has the tenancy of placing you in the situation and emotion of the song. “take another drink and drive yourself  home, I hope there’s ice on all the roads and when you think of me, and you forget your seat belt, and again when your head goes through the windshield.”
Run Around Sue.
by: Dion and The Belmonts
It’s simple, It’s catchy, you can dance to it, but…. the lyrics are so depressing. Cupid! This Whore’s been cheating on him the entire time! Why would you put this up on here?! The beauty of Rock and Roll back in the 50s was the fact of how everything was so uplifting back then. I guess right after/during WWII people did need something to get their spirits high, but they also needed to be honest with themselves too.
Someone Else’s Arms
by: MAE
If you have the chance to listen to the whole album The Everglow by, MAE  it’s absolutely amazing. (Especially the transition between the first song “We’re So Far Away” and “Someone Else’s Arms,” which I have demonstrated in their live version in the link above.) MAE is one of the few bands who can really rock hard and be uplifting at the same time. Everyone thinks that to be hard or heavy you need to be Dark. This isnt true. MAE is proof of that.