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Random Ass Blog Post.

So this doesn’t really have any point, and it’s really juts about me so if you care, keep reading, if not, screw you I’m awesome and you should keep reading anyway. So I was recording a cover earlier of a Real Friends song, and I noticed that I pronounced a lot of the lyrics how Tom DeLonge would. And if you don’t know what I mean by that then you should probably never read my blog again because we can’t be friends. But I digress. Anyway, I started thinking about it more, so I listened to some older covers i’ve done (both blink and non-blink) and in all of them I have the DeLonge Twang, and I realized that I’ve been singing like this my whole life. The first CD I had was “Enema of the State” back when I was like 7 or 8. It’s the CD that got me into to guitar in the first place. I used to sit in my room and pretend I was Tom. And I guess that’s also when i started trying to sing (with emphasis on TRYING). Which kinda screwed me over in the long run because of all the great singers in the world I chose to learn to sing from Thomas Matthew DeLonge. And I’ve realized that it’s super hard to try and get away from it and sing “normally”. But then again, doesn’t everyone kinda draw influence from someone else? So what would normal even be…. ANYWAY I don’t really have much to talk about because literally all I’ve done these past 2 days is listen to the new Real Friends EP “Put Yourself Back Together” on repeat. If you haven’t heard it yet, they’re streaming it for free on their youtube channel a week before it comes out. It’s fantastic.

Stay Rad

Pick VS Fingers

Hey everyone! I hope you all enjoyed and learned something from my last post but today I have some things to say on behalf of one of the most controversial bass player arguments which is that playing with a pick isn’t actual bass playing. This statement couldn’t be farther from the truth plenty of artists from Paul McCartney to Micheal Anthony have played bass with picks and are considered to be some of the best players of all time. Playing bass is all about comfort and nothing could be more important than making sure you are comfortable with how you strum your instrument.

Now there are some differences from playing with a pick and playing with your fingers. Playing with your fingers has a looser and vivid sound were as playing with a pick brings a bigger punch to the sound either way you should try out both styles when starting out on bass. I personally consider myself a “Hybrid” bass player and you might ask yourself what that is well a hybrid bass player is a player who can play with both a pick and fingers. From playing with both my fingers and a pick I have come to see the advantages and disadvantages that both styles bring to the table. First off when playing with fingers consistency could be hard to come by at first but with practice, your fingers could be more accurate than a laser guided bomb. when it comes to playing with a pick a player should start by becoming consistent with his or her down strokes once you have your down strokes down, no pun intended, then you should try alternate picking which basically means to strum down and up and once you have both of those strumming patterns down then you are ready to go.

Whether you play with fingers or a pick you shouldn’t bash other players who play with different styles because its all about how they are comfortable playing you should also not be afraid to play how you want if you want to play with a pick go for it and don’t let others tear you down because all that matters is how you feel onstage. I will definatly say more about these two styles later but for now I will go thank you all for reading and I’ll catch you all next week take care.

Recording At the Panda Studios

No one’s asked…and I’m pretty sure people have their own idea of what it’s like…but this week’s blog is about my experience at the Panda Studios in Fremont! Yaaay.

Recording at the Panda Studios was almost lax compared to what I’d expected. Compared to what we all expected. (This fiery chasm of doom for all unwanted musicians) Originally overwhelmed by the staff’s past accomplishments, I lost sleep worrying about being kicked out of the studio for being a crappy musician.
In honesty, recording is one of my least favorite things about being a musician. I’m the kind of guy that settles for alright instead of perfection. Don’t ever be like me. You’ll add ten years to your life.

Any who. Of the four studios I’ve recorded in, Panda triumphed as the most impressive. While I still reserve a fair amount of judgement for each studio I’ve worked at (Castle Ultimate, Different Fur, and Mad House) Panda was flawless. Being one of the most decorated studios I’ve ever been to, we spent our first day in with our heads on a swivel! Furthermore as if mirroring the intense amount of decoration, the staff were all characters themselves. I also made my first Indian friend Johnny! Well technically he’s black now. We’ve already decided.

Moving on! Working with our engineer Donald was great. His overall personality gelled really well with ours which made work fun. Specializing in vocal recording, he helped coach us through a lot of the vocal recording process. Through time I’ve learned that whenever your engineer says do something a certain way, that something that certain way. They have an ear for what can sound more attractive. It’s their job.

I don’t feel like writing anymore

DBTH Anthem Lyric Video + Single

Memorial Day 2013 and Don’t Be the Hero (Oakland,CA) just released their latest single “DBTH Anthem” off their upcoming EP The Friend Zone! Check it out below!

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Skankin’ up Lions Wayside Park

The Anchormen (Ska) from Pleasanton, CA took over Lions Wayside Park tonight playing their favorite covers from Skankin’ Pickle, Reel Big Fish and their entire EP “Yellow Fever” Here’s a few photos from tonight’s show and make sure to check them out on their Facebook page! As always, support your local bands. They deserve more love.

photo (23) photo (23)1 photo (23)11 photo (23)12

Season 2 Episode 15: In The End, Everything Is Just A Dream

Listen Here:

If you missed the show tonight, here’s the playlist! Check out & support the local bands as always! Recording of the show will be on mixcloud & tomorrow !
You Alone – Street Dogs
Beginningless Vacation – Screeching Weasel
Mission – The Phenomenauts
Runaways – The Swellers
Your Boyfriend Sucks – The Anchormen
To The World – Strike Anywhere
O.S.D [All That I Say Is True] – The Truth Is.
Far Away – MxPx
Take a Look at Me Now – Final Last Words
Weapons Of Mass Deception – The Unseen
Requiem For Dissent – Bad Religion
Start Walking – Off With Their Heads
Safe Reality – Adhesive
This Is The New Sound – Anti-Flag
Loser Blues – Safety Hazard
Won’t Be Pathetic Forever – The Wonder Years
This Is Over – Stickup Kid
Olympia WA. – Rancid

5606 New Single “Photographs & Heart Attacks”

5606 from San Jose, CA is now streaming their new single “Photographs & Heart Attacks” on soundcloud. Check it out below and let them know what you think!

“**cue drum roll** Here it is folks, the first single off our new CD that is due out this Tuesday the 28th. The track is called, “Photographs and Heart Attacks♥”” -5606 Facebook Page

Where to start?

Hi I’m Logan and I have played in many bands in the bay area for over six years. Last week you might have read up on what I am here for so lets begin.

So you have just bought a bass and are ready to go, but where do you start?

When I first started playing bass I didn’t even have my own bass, keep this as a lesson try to have your own equipment, so I had to borrow a bass from one of my friends and use an amp from another friend. I was always running back and forth for equipment and it became very stressful so first things first get your own bass, amp, an instrument cable and strap. As far as basses go for your first bass you shouldn’t go out and buy some 3,000 dollar Fender but try to buy a more mid ranged bass between the price of 100-300 dollars and the brand at this point in time shouldn’t matter you should go to a local music store, try out as many basses as possible, and ultimately decide on the bass that feels best in your hands, stays in tune, and sounds good to you. In later secession’s I’ll go over more advanced methods of finding equipment.

Now that you have a bass that you like its time to get an amp. Now people in general, mostly guitar players, will say that all bass amps sound the same but that is completely wrong. bass amps differ in sizes, like guitar amps, but bass amps can differ in tone and power for example an ampeg classic tube amp has a very good, classic, punchy sound, where as a peavy bass amp has more of a thumping low end to it. When buying your first bass amp you should get something that isn’t super expensive but has enough power to satisfy early shows and practices and sounds good with the bass that you are using. For now I’m not going to go into detail about what amp brands you should look at but like looking for your first bass make sure it’s an amp that sounds good to you not the other people in your band.

Of course when you play your first show you aren’t going to want to just sit, you’re going to want  to stand up and rock out and all you need to do is buy a strap. Straps can cost alot but all you need to do as far as looking for straps is find one that you think is cool, yes straps are one of the few things you can buy because you think they look cool, and is comfortable. After you get that its time to buy an instrument cable. Believe it or not an instrument cable will actually help with your tone. buying a good cable can help the transition between your amp and bass and can be a life saving device. Since your just starting you’re going to want to buy a cable that is sturdy and gets the job done I personally would recommend monster cables but there are plenty of other cables to choose from.

So thats all I have for you today remember to buy what you like don’t get something that you’ll regret playing and always remember that the real tone comes from the player. Join me next week when I discuss playing styles thanks alot also check out all the bands on the Calamity Jane Radio band page and have a good night.


Whats up everyone, I hope you having a fantastic Wednesday night (I mean Calamity Jane is on tonight so how could it be a bad). I wanted to cover some of the many new releases that took place in the Pop Punk world this week. Let me preface this by saying I’m a HUGE Real Friends fanboy so I guess just keep that in mind….

Alright, so up first we have the first song off of Citizen’s new album Youth called “The Summer” (click to listen). I love Citizen. They’re not what you would call traditional pop punk, I guess they’re a little harder than that. But they really shine in this song, showing a more mature sound. What I’ve found interesting about them is how much their sound has changed over just a few years. Their earlier stuff is definitely more popish, where as Young States is more experimental. Either way I love both, and I think Mat Kerekes is just awesome. This song gets a solid 7/10 from me.

Next, we have “Clairvoyant” from The Story So Far. This was actually released the same day as Citizens new song. “Clairvoyant” is the first track off of TSSF’s upcoming split with Stick To Your Guns. And I gotta say, this song BLEW ME AWAY. I guess what makes it stand out the most is that we get to hear Parker sing more melodically as opposed to his normal yelling (which don’t get me wrong is awesome). But it’s nice to hear them change it up a bit. And then we have the guitar which is so fucking rad. Very complex and very cool. Lyrically it’s kind of the same as what you usually get from TSSF, and it’s choc full of quotable tumblr lyrics. I’d give this song a 9/10, I was really impressed with this.

And finally, we have “Late Nights In My Car” from Real Friends off their upcoming EP Put Yourself Back Together. The ONLY thing disappointing about this song/EP is that, well, it’s another EP. This will be Real Friends 4th EP if you count the acoustic one, yet still no signs of a full length. regardless, this song has everything I could have hoped for. Great melody, catchy as fuck, and how could you have a RF song with out a “sleepy eyes and bony knees” reference? I listened to this song at least 100 times already and i don’t see it getting old anytime soon. Solid 9/10 for this song.

There were probably more that was released this week, but these are the ones that stood out to me/ interested me the most. I can’t wait for all of these albums to come out.

Have a good night you guys, and stay rad!

Marijuana in Pop Punk

I wanted to save this topic for later but I’m the world’s laziest blogger and saw that I had an hour and forty minutes to write and post. Deadlines.


SO! My name is Chaz, and I’m a pothead (“Hi, Chaz”). I sing for a pop punk band.


Still reading? Thanks! You care.

After recording at the Panda Studios, I’ve learned that some people in the scene like to smoke weed, and some choose not to. No big deal.

So why am I writing this blog? Because I feel awkward when I smoke around other bands. I’ve noticed that smoking is a lot less common in our scene than in others…unless you’re in a Christian rock band.

A lot of kids in our community are straightedge, and I can dig it. But I feel like a few of those kids can be condescending. Being a pothead is a lifestyle. Criticizing a pothead for being a pothead is criticizing a lifestyle. And that’s not posi. Right?

It’s not like pot’s making me rape someone’s cousin or anything. I used to be straightedge, I know where those kids are coming from. I just want edge kids and potheads to live in harmony.

Alright kids, we’re done here. I promise the next blog will be more pop punk.

Did you know Parker Cannon can rap?


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Season 2 Episode 14: What IS Life?

Listen Here:

Calamity Jane (Season 2. Episode 14: What IS Life?) by Calamity Jane on Mixcloud

In case you missed the show, here’s the playlist!
Overrated – Allister
Brick – Kill Lincoln
Beverly Drive – Safety Hazard
Wasting Time (Eternal Summer) – Four Year Strong
The Depths of Me – Stickup Kid
I Want To Conquer The World – Bad Religion
Maybe Memories – The Used
Here’s To The Year – Coda
Above Me – Rufio
Captain Blood – Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!
Charles Atlas – A.F.I.
Zombies Ate Her Brain – The Creepshow
The Poisoning – The Nerve Agents
Raise the Flag- Global Affront
Indrid Cold – On My Honor
In Case You Haven’t Noticed – Heart to Heart
Regrets and Valentines – PUSH
Threesome – Fenix TX
My Own Enemy – The Briggs
One Way Conversation – Communist Kayte
Bad Religion Interview – Calamity Jane(Feat.Jay Bentley)

Hello my name is Logan and I’ve  been playing bass in the bay area music scene for over 6 years now and i felt as though my experiences could be used to teach those of you bass players out there that have questions or are wondering what you want to do with your bass skills. I’ll give you advice on what you should do with your playing, what gear you should use, and how you should define your role in the band. I’ll post something new every Wednesday Night  at 8 pm right after the Calamity Jane show (7PM)

What’s up guys, it’s Richard, and I’m going to be blogging for Calamity Jane all the way from Portlandia! I’ll be keeping you updating on all the current and upcoming releases, as well as reviews, and general band news. Along with that, I’ll be giving you guys a look into the Portland music scene and all the cool stuff I find up here (that’s right, I’m going full hipster on you). I’ll be posting for sure once a week (Wednesday’s before the Calamity Jane), but I’ll also be posting random findings and musings here and there throughout the week. Stay tuned for awesomeness, and make sure to listen to Calamity Jane every Wednesday at 7pm!

Hey guys, my name is Chaz and I’ll be posting a weekly blog about the local pop punk scene in Northern California for Calamity Jane every Wednesday at 6pm. (An hour before her weekly radio show!) Topics will range from releases to band reviews to upcoming shows to whatever else I feel like writing about. I’m not doing this in hopes of promoting my own band or gaining respect and admiration. I’m purely writing these blogs because I want to have a warmer pop punk scene and because I believe in Calamity Jane growing to someday be a force to be reckoned with.

This Friday, I’ll be watching Safety Hazard kill it at the Red House. If you haven’t got shit else to do, then that will be the place to be! Always make sure you let the door guy know who you’ve come to see. It helps the bands get paid and gives them a better chance to return!

Drink water, don’t litter, and tune into the Calamity Jane Radio Show every Wednesday from 7-8pm at

Blogs! Blogs! Blogs!

Please Welcome the newest additions to the Calamity Jane Radio Show Website! Blogs written by fellow local band members that want to tell you what’s up!

Pop Punk Hero Blog

The Pop Punk Hero Blog has just been added to the Calamity Jane website! Written by the one and only Chaz from Don’t Be The Hero! Check back Wednesday nights at 6 PM for local band reviews, show reviews and maybe if you’re lucky some love life advice 😛

Rad As F$%K Blog 

The Rad As F$%K Blog has just been added to the Calamity Jane website! Richard Torres a.k.a. that’s so richard from Vision Theory will be keeping you updated on the music scene in portland, doing album reviews and going full hipster on you! Stay Rad! Check it out every wednesday!

Bass Ethics 

The Bass Ethics Blog has just been added to the Calamity Jane website! Logan Shackleton (Red Mage) from Addiction to AfflictionFusion72 and Apothesary will be teaching you everything he knows about bass. (Which for the record is a lot) What gear to use, defining your role in a band and just cool sh*t about bass. Check it out every wednesday night at 8PM after Calamity Jane’s Show

Bottle Rock Festival In Napa!

We got lucky this past weekend to get backstage at the bottle rock music festival in Napa, CA to meet Bad Religion and talk with Jay Bentley! Mini Interview up soon! stay tuned!