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Season 2 Episode 2 Bigger & Better ;)

Tonight’s Show was awesome! Highlights of my day all because of you guys! 
1. I got someone actively listening to the show while in the shower!
2. Got someone dancing in their apartment!
3. Lots of Song Requests and messages in the Chatroom & Facebook
and Lastly #4 I just couldn’t shake you all off the station even 30 minutes after the show is over. I played Devo. Still didn’t work. 
Love it! Thank you for listening! Check out the LOCAL BANDS in the links BELOW! 

Listen Here: 

Calamity Jane (Season 2. Episode 2: Bigger and Better 😉 ) by Calamity Jane on Mixcloud

The Stories Are True (Featuring Tim Armstrong) – Time Again & Tim Armstrong 
Born To Lose – The Bouncing Souls
Bombs Away – Coda ->
Let It Happen – MxPx 
Slow Children at Play Actually Mixed – Crossout -> 
Are You Gonna Be My Girl? -Jet 
The Weather Outside is Weather – Stickup Kid -> 
Cliff diving – Plus 44 
If These Lips Could Talk – Till I Fall ->
Ides – Forever Came Calling 
I’m Telling Tim – NoFX 
Fat Lip – Sum 41 
Cadillac One – GBH 
Hey Suburbia – Screeching Weasel 
Last Call Love – Hear The Sirens -> 
We Will Fall Together – Streetlight Manifesto 
The Pretender – Foo Fighters 
Keep It Together – Real Friends 
Long Lost Friends – Transit
Detriot – Rancid
The Pretender – Foo Fighters
Seattle – Till I Fall 
Red Fir Ct. – Vision Theory ->
Human Pinata – Voodoo Glow Skulls
The Difference – UP&GO ->


Season 2. Episode 1 Show “I Could Use You Around”

Welcome to the first episode of the new and improved Calamity Jane. The Queen of Mischief is at it again bringing you the best alternative, pop punk and punk music there is and promoting the bay area music scene. Check out the Local Bay Area Bands in the links below.

 Listen Here: 

Calamity Jane (Season 2. Episode 1: I Could Use You Around) by Calamity Jane on Mixcloud

Somebody Hates Me – Reel Big Fish
California Sun – Rancid
Bombs Away – Coda –>
Punk Rock And Roll – Street Dogs
The Oceanwalker – Stickup Kid –>
Here We Go Again – Operation Ivy
The Anthem – Good Charlotte
Hit Or Miss – New Found Glory
Keeping Up – Communist Kayte –>
True North – Bad Religion
A Better Side – Hawkins & Silver –>
Reckless Abandon – Blink-182
Melrose Diner – The Wonder Years
One Fine Day – The Offspring
Seattle – Till I Fall –>
Need To Know – Pennywise
Verbal Kint – Link 80
It’s My Job To Keep Punk Rock Elite – NoFX
Thunder Lizard -Kalifornia Redemption
Superman – Goldfinger
Bleed American – Jimmy Eat World
Johnny Quest (Thinks We’re Sellouts) -Less Than Jake
Stuart & The Ave. – Green Day


Calamity Jane Is Back! The Start of Season 2 (1.23.2013)

New Season of Calamity Jane Coming Soon!

” It brings me great joy to announce CALAMITY JANE IS OFFICIALLY BACK ON AIR! TUNE IN TONIGHT@ 7PM (PST) to hear some rad local bands!! It’s all about the music!” Coda PUSH Till I Fall HAWKINS and SILVERStickup Kid Communist Kayte (Posted Jan 23, 2013)

Getting “Seriously Wonkers” With Communist Kayte in January 2013

Calamity Jane’s Interview w/ Communist Kayte about their upcoming new songs, musical influences,summer plans, and many other bizarre things 😛

Communist Kayte shows Calamity Jane and the rest of the world how to make a real burger. 

Check Them Out:

Twitter: @CommunistKayte



Support Local Music: Vision Theory!

My buddies in Vision Theory made it on to Fuck Yeah Pop Punk’s Tumblr!



From Danville, CA. Basically, if you take old Green Day, old blink-182, and old MxPx and they all had a three way and had a love child, this would be the product. I know a lot of you guys will be really into this, so please check them out. This is some good, old fashioned pop punk. It rules.

Support Local Music: Addiction to Affliction

Addiction to Affliction Is A Pop Punk Band Representing The East Bay Cities of Orinda, El Sobrante, Pittsburg and Clayton! Listen to their Latest EP right here: Addiction to Affliction Bandpage !!